How Long Does an E-Cig Last?


By far, the most frequently asked question in our inbox is how long does an e-cig last?  Of course, this mostly depends on how frequent of a user you are.  Unlike traditional cigarettes, you have the option of enjoying your smokes at your leisure.  There’s no “lighting up” so your cig isn’t going to burn away even if you don’t smoke it.

In general, e-cigs are known to last much longer than the cigarettes you’re used to.  E-cigs from companies reviewed on are some of the longest lasting smokeless cigarettes on the market.

So how long does an e-cig last when it’s purchased from the top e-cigarette brands reviewed at  One tiny little refill cartridge will outlast that big pack that used to take up space in your purse or pocket.

Read comprehensive reviews of the best vapor cig brands by clicking here.

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