How Much Will I Save by Smoking E-Cigs?

It’s well known that switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs will save you money right away.  How much you’ll save by smoking e-cigs really depends on how much you smoke now and what brand of electronic cigarette you go with.

The brands reviewed on offer some of the most affordable e-cig starter kits available, often with free shipping on every order and great accessories, saving you money all along the way.  In fact, even offers an electronic cigarette savings calculator to help you determine how much you’ll save by smoking e-cigs.

We all know the health consequences of smoking traditional cigarettes, but for many of us, it still comes down to saving money before we’ll make the switch.  If you’re interested in knowing how much you’ll save, check out the savings calculator by clicking here.

Ready to read all about the most popular makers of e-cigarettes on the market today?  Check out our full reviews by clicking here.

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