How Reviews Help E-cig Users Make Decisions

When it comes to making a choice between brands of electronic cigarettes, the amount of choices can be overwhelming. While it is nice to have choices, it can seem confusing to make sense of everything that is available. If you are a first time user, this decision making process can seem that much more baffling.

Appreciate the fact that you have so many options available and realize there is a valuable tool available to help you make your choices and it is reviews. Usually you can find reviews from both “experts” in the industry as well as typical, average users. Figuring out what is most important to you when it comes to an e-cig is probably the best way to start.

For example, you may not care what a particular device looks like but think that taste is the most important aspect of your potential brand. When reading reviews, make it a point to focus on feedback that relates to what matters the most to you. Here are some other things to keep in mind in relation to how reviews can help users make choices about their smokeless devices:

  • Find out how well they perform – Probably one of the most important aspects you will want to know about before choosing a brand of electronic cigarette is the performance. While looks may not matter, the functionality does. There is no point in investing money in something that looks good but does not work. So if a particular brand becomes infamous for offering a device that breaks, leaks or doesn’t perform well in other areas, then you will hear about it in reviews. This should also quickly help alert a company to potential problem areas with their own mechanism. If you notice just one or maybe two reviews mentioning a performance problem, you may not need to take it too seriously. If every single review seems to mention how the battery didn’t hold the charge long, then you may need to take this seriously.
  • Find out about shipping and customer service – It is generally a good idea to buy from a brand that offers fast and cheap shipping as well as good customer service. You may not ever even have to deal directly with customer service, but in case you do it is a good idea to know that your brand gets high marks from other customers for customer service. There is simply too much competition in this market to settle for bad customer service. Not only that but you can also find plenty of choices with cheap if not free shipping. Also try only to deal with companies that are known for getting the ordered products to their customers quickly.
  • Learn about the value and how it compares – You should do some comparison shopping on products before making your final decision. However, you can also let reviews help you find out about some of the value and price comparisons. For example, one brand may seem like a good deal but then the reviews complain about how the shipping was so expensive it was no longer a deal. You may also find out that one brand offers a low price, but that the performance is so poor it is not worth the investment, no matter how low. On the other hand, you may also find out about how one brand is worth the money or even about how some buyers found better deals or even a coupon.
  • Be aware of potential problems – This is also one of the most important things to look for when it comes to reading reviews. Aside from just standard performance, it is important to be aware of potential problems you may have by reading about previous customer’s experiences. In fact, the performance of the device may be fine but other problems could be the lack of flavor choices, a problem with the charger or even slow shipping speeds. Again, if you see just one or two complaints about a particular aspect of a brand, you may want to do more research. However if every review mentions the same complaints, you can probably take it fairly seriously.

Not every user is the same or has the same preferences, and this is important to keep in mind when reading reviews. An overall numeric rating is not enough because you also need to read some details about what users did or did not like. For instance, one user may complain about hating that his or her brand only offers tobacco flavors.  You may only want a brand that carries tobacco flavors and could care less about cherry or kiwi flavors.

Find detailed reviews that get to the points of a brand that are most important to you. By doing this you can let “experts” in the field and other consumers help you make the best choice possible for your e-cig decision making.

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