How Smokeless Cigarettes Are Better Than Smoking

Most of us simply will not change our smoking habits without good reason.  Smokeless cigarettes seem like a good idea, but let’s hear some concrete reasons why, right?  Deal, read on…

Smokeless Cigarettes

The biggest difference between smokeless cigarettes and traditional smokes is right in the name.  So, the only thing you’ll exhale is water vapor.  That means no stink, no annoyance of those around you, and you can smoke almost anywhere.  There’s three of the biggest negatives associated with smoking right there.

Nicotine in E-Cigs

Let’s face it, the smoking experience would not be complete without a little nicotine.  If you’re looking for a smoking alternative that still feeds your body’s need, this is one.  The big difference is that you get to choose the level of nicotine you deliver to your body.  Our smokeless cigarettes have four different nicotine levels to choose from.

Cheaper than Smoking

Unlike other high priced smoking alternatives, our smokeless cigarettes are actually significantly cheaper than smoking.  That hits on another of the big negatives of smoking.  All of us have been feeling it in our wallets with all the price hikes in cigarettes lately.  Even if you only smoke one pack per day, you could save $125/month or more!

Convinced?  Ready to join the e-cig revolution?  Check out our honest reviews of the best vapor cigarette makers by clicking here.

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