How to Avoid an Overheating E-Cig

With new smokeless cigarette users, one of the typical questions deals with an overheating e-cig, what it means, and how to avoid it.  First off, this is a fairly common occurrence, but still something to avoid to extend the life of your e-cig.  So, let’s address some of the roots of the problem and how to avoid having it become a constant issue.

Avoiding an overheating e-cig is usually a sign that the nicotine solution in your refill cartridge is running out.  As the volume of liquid decreases, the atomizer could end up heating the remaining solution to a noticeably warmer temperature.  So, step one is to see if you’re running low on nicotine solution.  The second most likely culprit is near-constant use of the e-cig.  We know it’s a miraculous piece of technology, but you should give it a break once in awhile if you want to avoid an overheating e-cig.

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