How to Deal With E-Cig Questions

If you’re a recent or long-term user of an e-cig, you’re probably used to hearing a wide range of questions and comments regarding your little technological wonder.  Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, though, it can be helpful to have a little pre-warning about the types of reactions you’re likely to encounter out there…

You’re Smoking Here?!

This can be the most difficult transition for e-cig users and those around them.  We’re all just used to there being certain places that smoking is strictly off limits.  Places like airplanes, mvoie theaters, etc. are no longer out of the question, provided you have an e-cig.  Most often, it is worth your time to announce the true identity of your “cigarette” prior to turning it on, especially if you don’t want to get kicked off the plane.

Veiled Interest

Most people will react with extreme interest in your e-cig that they try to hide.  Whether they’re hesitant to accept the idea of such a simple and effective solution to the problems associated with smoking or if they think they should still be upset about “smoking” in a public place, it’ll be fun for you to watch.  If you like, try to feel out their level of interest and whether they’d like to know more.

Another Convert

Once you start using your e-cig in public, you’ll quickly find out just how popular they’ve become.  You’re likely to come across more e-cig users than you ever thought there would be.  The bonds between e-cig devotees are often deep and strong.  Take one look at any of the various e-cig forums and you’ll see just how strong the community is.  And that’ll be comforting when you come across that rare person who stands in bullheaded opposition to e-cigs.

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