How to Use the Ecigarette USB Passthrough

Of all the great e-cig accessories featured by the top electronic cigarette brands reviewed on the site, perhaps the most questions we get are regarding the ecigarette USB passthrough.  Partially because it’s such a useful accecssory for your e-cig, but also because it’s so unique and unknown to many people.

So, let’s start by introducing you to the concept of the ecigarette USB passthrough.  Basically, the USB connection takes the place of the battery portion of your e-cig.  The USB cable ends in the typical battery you’re used to seeing on your e-cig.  That means you just screw in the cartridge and you’re good to go.

So what makes the ecigarette USB passthrough so such an ultra-convenient accessory?  Well, suppose your battery has run out or is on its last legs, yet you still need to use your e-cig.  Nowadays, many people have some sort of computer near them during most of the day, so now you’ll always have power to your e-cig, even if you’ve run the battery down.

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