Introducing the E-Cig Travel Case

People often ask about the most popular e-cigarette accessories from the top e-cig manufacturers reviewed on our site.  One that’s been around for awhile and is a constant favorite is the e-cig travel case.  When you’re packing for a trip, the last thing you want is a bunch of cords and accessories to cram into a bag.  Consider this handy case instead.

The e-cig travel case from not only holds your smokeless cigarettes and extra batteries in a safe, compact frame, but also doubles as a charging station.  That’s right, before you head off on your adventures, just plug in the travel case and it will hold power in its on-board battery.

That means you’ll be sure to have your e-cig and batteries at your side, but they’ll also be fully charged.  So skip the extra cords and chargers and just pack one slim, compact e-cig travel case on your next expedition.

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