Is the Tobacco Industry Attempting to Take Down E-cigs – and Will Users Feel the Affects?

The tobacco industry has been a force to be reckoned with for decades now. This is not something you can expect to change any time soon, even with all of the negative publicity and harmful health concerns. The bottom line is that tobacco is still big business and would like to not have any competition.

The fact that the tobacco industry is in a constant state of defense trying to salvage its image means it is ready to fight against anything that may come along to rock the boat even more, especially anything that dips into its potential profits. For now it seems that if there is anything going on behind the scenes involving tobacco and the e-cig industry, it may be hard to detect.

Raising Questions

The trouble about this topic is that it can be difficult to track down any real concrete and substantial evidence to support theories and rumors. It is possible tobacco companies are acquiring electronic cigarette companies. If so the trick is to try to determine what the purpose would be. Obviously one would assume these conglomerates want to squash the e-cig industry or make money from it as their tobacco profits begin to take serious blows.

The thing to keep in mind is that either way it would look as though the electronic cigs industry would not be going anywhere. The future of how people enjoy nicotine or nicotine-free products such as these has to be in the electronic world. More than likely there will be more advancements and changes, but it is hard to imagine this growing market could be stopped or killed off at this point.

How Can One Take a Stand?

In order to help try to prevent big tobacco from taking over, e-cig companies and users alike should put some effort into helping ensure this does not happen. There are a great number of tools available to consumers and companies these days to help them have a voice. Probably the main method of attack or defense is to utilize the web.

Social media networking specifically is a great approach to use to counterbalance the negative effects any big company or organization could have on a smaller industry. In other words, when the big bully wants to pick a fight, you can run to sites such as Facebook as a method of fighting back. Starting campaigns and liking other people’s approaches to try to keep electronic methods of cigarettes from being trampled are just a few of the ways everyone can ban together to help prevent this.

What Could Happen?

If you are a current user of these smokeless devices or considering becoming one, you could be wondering if any of this would actually impact you at all. Of course it is hard to say for now as no one can predict the future. However it may not be a gamble you want to take. Consider what could happen if big tobacco puts an end to smokeless versions.

If this is allowed to happen, suddenly it’s about not having the choices available to you any longer. Many users may be forced to return to tobacco products if these electronic versions were to disappear. The other possible outcome is that if bigger tobacco companies buy up smaller electronic ones, then there will be less of a variety to choose from. Most brands will offer the same flavors with the same options and the same levels of nicotine. Right now you have a great number of options when it comes to your devices and flavors and even the optional accessories. In the future it could be nothing more than choosing a brand without any real differences.

Other Considerations

Keep in mind that right now there is quite a range of pricing out there, especially when it comes to starter kits. If big tobacco giants take over the market, this may not be the case. There is a good chance the market would be like it is now for cigarettes with the majority of tobacco products coming in around the same average price.

More than likely this type of takeover could also end up speeding up the regulation process. Across the globe the average person has a general idea of where the regulations are concerning regular cigarette smoking. Although regulations are beginning to tighten when it comes to e-cigarettes, they certainly are not as strict yet. If tobacco companies get involved, there is likely to be more focus and a stronghold on the market.

On the other hand, tobacco companies could decide not to buy up e-companies but try to shift the focus to regulations for this market. Taking the spotlight off the tobacco issue at hand could be detrimental to the industry. Don’t just be a consumer, be an advocate and find out how to help prevent your rights being crushed.

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