Is There Nicotine in Electric Cigarettes?

This is one of the very first questions most people ask about smokeless cigarettes.  They know that all the nasty compounds are gone, the smoke is gone, the stink is gone, but what about the nicotine?  Is there nicotine in electric cigarettes?  As it turns out, this is a product that is so customizable that it really depends on you…

Electric cigarettes are built to closely imitate the smokes you’re used to.  This is not a “quit smoking” product, but rather a smoking alternative.  So much of the experience is exactly the same that you’ll probably fake out plenty of the people around you.  At this point, it never hurts to point out what you’re actually smoking…not to mention the lack of secondhand smoke.  But, as far as nicotine in electric cigarettes goes, you actually get to pick.

When you order your vapor cigs, you’ll have the option of several nicotine levels.  So, whether you’re looking to imitate the smoking experience you’re used to or start ramping down your nicotine input, the level of nicotine in electric cigarettes is truly up to you.

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