Is Using E-cigs Cheaper than Smoking?

Let’s face it, one of the strongest factors in choosing a smoking alternative is price.  Even though we’ve been flushing money down the drain for years on cigarettes, we’d still prefer not to blow the bank on a smoking alternative.  So when it comes down to it, are e-cigs cheaper than smoking?

Cheap Smoking Alternatives

Let’s face it, lots of smoking alternatives currently on the market are cheaper than smoking.  Unfortunately, many of these are also cheaply made.  If you’re sick of unsatisfying gum or cheap patches, maybe you just haven’t yet found the exact right smoking alternative for you.

The Best Electric Cigarettes

So what makes e-cigs cheaper than smoking?  First off, once you’ve purchased your starter kit, you’re good to go for quite awhile.  Not only that, but a refill cartridge lasts longer than the smokes you’re used to.  Plus, when you read the reviews on, you’re sure to get a great deal on a quality product.  And, with affordable shipping and a wide array of warranties, you’re well on your way to saving some major coin.

Where can you find honest reviews of the best e-cigarette companies? Right here at (click here).

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