Is Vaping Any Different?

If you are new to the world of the electronic cigarette, there are bound to be plenty of terms you have not yet come across. You may also come across terms that you simply are not familiar with or do not understand. The good news is that there are plenty of places online to get definitions and knowledge about e-cigs.

The problem could be not getting all of the answers you need or finding data that does not match up or that is conflicting. One common question new users have is what exactly is vaping. Here is a brief overview of what vaping is.

  • The best way to explain vaping is in relation to standard tobacco cigarettes. As a regular tobacco cigarette produces smoke, someone using it would be smoking. Electronic devices produce vapor, so the user is therefore vaping. So vaping is actually the process of inhaling water vapor.

This is not the only difference between the act of smoking tobacco or vaping a smokeless device. The other thing to keep in mind is that there is no actual fire involved with this device. There are components that heat up to create the vapor, but nothing is actually lit up. This means that with proper use you should not have any accidental burns to yourself or your clothing the way you would with regular cigarette ashes.

Why Is Vaping so Popular?

Aside from the fact that you do not have to worry about burning yourself with hot ashes, there are plenty of other reasons vaping has become such a popular trend. Here are just a few of those reasons to give you just a sample of why users have come to enjoy the act of vaping so much:

  • Relaxation – The simple act of vaping is a great way for many people to simply unwind. Whether it is the end of a long day, in the middle of a hectic one or after a meal, many users love to kick back and relax by inhaling vapors from their electronic cigarette.
  • Flavor – These days different brands and companies offer a variety of flavors for users to enjoy. You can get tobacco flavors including menthol or more fun flavors such as strawberry or cola. Whatever your style or taste is, there is surely a brand that meets your needs. This wide array of flavors is one of the things users love to enjoy from their smokeless device.
  • None of the smell – Another reason the e-cigarette is a growing trend is that you no longer have the lingering stench that a standard tobacco cigarette leaves behind. If you have ever smoked a regular cigarette, then you probably realize how that smell gets into your hair, on your clothing and skin and even sticks to the walls of your home or interior of your car. You can vape without having these same issues. For that reason many users enjoy vaping and can do so almost anywhere.
  • More widely accepted – While there are still some places that do not allow users of an electronic cigarette to enjoy vaping, a much larger percentage of places allow this over smoking. Most places certainly allow it in open air areas such as restaurants with outside seating, but many places even allow users to enjoy it indoors too. It is sort of like having your freedom to enjoy this almost anywhere unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, which are basically banned everywhere now.

Making Sense of It All

The bottom line is that there are many reasons to enjoy smokeless devices as opposed to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Imagine enjoying this where you want while also not worrying about the cloud of smoke that lingers in an area and annoys other people. Vaping eliminates this from the equation by producing vapor that only the user really enjoys without leaving a cloud of lingering, smelly smoke behind.

Users of this type of device also prefer vaping for a variety of reasons including the lower cost. While you will need to buy e-liquid or replacement cartridges, this is still much cheaper than buying packs or cartons of traditional cigarettes. You can even buy disposable smokeless devices that will still be able to end up costing less than standard traditional tobacco cigarettes.

When you really start to look at vaping, it is easy to understand why it has become so popular. It is even easy to see why so many users like to relax and unwind throughout the course of the day while taking in the vapors of their favorite flavor. Not only that but you may even be able to enjoy vaping in a variety of places that no longer even allow traditional smokers. Finally you will see the difference on your wallet that vaping can make as opposed to buying traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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