Keeping It Clean – What Requires Cleaning on an E-cig?

So you have been enjoying the electronic device for a while and realize that it needs to be cleaned. It may come from the device not functioning properly or the battery not pushing enough power to operate it. You may be wondering how to go about cleaning these devices. Relax, there are products that you may have in your household that will do the trick. Besides, the last thing you need is a clogged mechanism or other component that is not working efficiently.


Cleaning this component can be performed with the use of a cloth. With use, it gets a buildup of dried fluids on it no matter how much you have taken care of the product. Take a cloth and gently wipe the threads and inside of it. This eliminates the buildup therefore opening the path of the atomizer.  You need to drain the juices that gunk your atomizer up. A good recommendation is to let the device sit upside down overnight in order to drain the remaining juices.


Residue builds up on the battery. This tends to get stuck inside the threads. Obviously your battery will need to be cleaned. Imagine it like this, a car will not work if the terminals of the battery are covered in gunk. It will not produce enough of a spark to start. So in order to have a properly working battery for your device, you will need a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol.

Take the cotton ball and pour the alcohol on it – not enough to saturate it, but enough to clean a small battery with. Clean off the threads, then let the battery sit for a few minutes. After that, you are ready to enjoy your device. These devices are practically maintenance-free, but there is always a means to clean something to enhance the performance of it.

After purchasing one of these mechanisms for the first time, it would be a good idea to clean it first. These items have a primer coating inside of them. If you do not want the taste of the metallic substance in your mouth, the best method would be to wash it off prior to usage.

Making Your E-Juice Last

The liquid that is intended to fill the cartridges is the e-juice. These are fluids that come in a variety of flavors. Nowadays everyone wants the most for their money, so making your e-liquid last is a great way to save money. There are a number of ways to make that happen. Let’s explore a few of those options.

  • Shake it up. When you shake the bottle, the sediment that was sitting at the bottom of the bottle becomes mixed in with the rest of the juice. This will give you the juice’s fullest potential.
  • The viscosity of the substance all depends on which vendor you purchased it from. Some are making the juice thin and watery, while others make it very thick. You can also make your own at home by investigating two different brands. Pour one into another to get the thickness you enjoy. Some users also dilute their e-juice with water to help make it last longer. This can save you money if you are willing to use a more watered down taste.
  • Buy samples before committing to one brand. As each one is different, you may not know what you like. Being able to purchase samples for little to no fee, you will be able to find a brand or flavor that fits your needs. Often times you can also buy a variety pack of different flavors instead of committing to one kind only to find you do not like it.
  • Buy more than one e-juice. If you tend to enjoy a variety, you can keep your current stock fresh while keeping the others in rotation.
  • Don’t leave the cap to your juice open. This will dry it out and it will no longer be worth what you paid for it. Remember, it is a liquid and they evaporate, not to mention get stale.

You have been properly maintaining your device and keeping the juices fresh, but what about storing your mechanism. Do companies make anything like this? While there are many accessories for these mechanisms, there are also items to store them in. Here are some ways to preserve your device.

  • A standard cigarette pack or old cigar box can make a good backup storage.
  • Many companies are now making these containers to fit your devices. They can be purchased at any mall, tobacco store or online.
  • Keep the device stored in a temperature controlled environment. This will preserve the life of it and prevent anything from damaging it.

Appropriate handling and care are required for this product. Hopefully, with attention, yours will last a lifetime.

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