Kit Varieties for E-cigs

E-cigs are sold on their own as well as in kits. Kits are offered so you, the consumer, do not have to go out and purchase all of the accessories at different times. They are pieced together for your convenience.

Once you make the decision to stick with an e-cig, you can also decide which kit to purchase as there are many to choose from. It all depends on what kind of vapor you are. Do you do it all of the time or on a social level? You won’t want to buy a large kit if you don’t do it all of the time for obvious financial reasons. But you can purchase a kit that will fit your lifestyle.

Where to Purchase Them

You can purchase these kits in a couple of places. The best way to buy your kits is online as there are several sites dedicated to selling accessories. Many of these online companies have special introductory offers, so you’ll save some money on your first kit.

Another place to purchase them is in tobacco shops. These shops specialize in different smoking devices.  As e-cigs are fairly new on the market, they have them available to the public. You may not save any money buying from your local dealer as you would online, but at least you won’t have to wait for your shipment to be delivered. The same goes for convenience stores. You can purchase e liquids and e-cig kits anywhere that retails them.

Here are some examples of kits that are offered for the e-cig:

Starter Kits

Starter kits are available for those who are, as the name states, just starting out. You’ll receive everything you need to start vaping. These kits usually include:

  • Atomizer
  • Battery
  • Liquid
  • Refillable Cartridges
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Battery Charger

You’ll need an atomizer for this activity. Its main purpose is to heat up the liquid. The atomizer will need to be cleaned after each use. You can do this with a cloth or turning it upside down so that the remaining liquid seeps out.

The battery is an essential ingredient in the vaping process. It’s what starts the atomizer. If you perform the activity often you’ll need to charge the battery as needed. Make sure to always keep the terminals of the battery clean or else your e-cig will not work properly.

Liquid is enclosed in these kits. You can decide on what liquid you want to vape. There are a variety of flavors that including but not limited to cherry, vanilla, chocolate and almond. Of course the basics are offered: tobacco and menthol.

Premium Kits

These kits are the major league of all kits as they have every single thing you could want or possibly need to continue on with vaping. These kits are for those who have used it more than one time and do it on a regular basis. Users who purchase these do not need to constantly buy more accessories.

You basically get the same things as you would with a starter kit, but you receive more of them. Refillable cartridges and more of the e-liquid come in this package. The great thing about premium kits are the batteries. You usually receive two of them, which is good because you have one for when the other gets low. Of course you get a battery charger to go with the batteries. It’s always a good thing to charge your batteries when you’re not using them.


You can always purchase more e-liquid. It’s probably best if you stock up with a few flavors to see which ones best suit you. They come in so many flavors that finding the right one for you will be harder than you think. The most popular flavors are cherry, chocolate, vanilla and coffee. They add a unique taste for your vaping pleasure.

Charger and Batteries

If you vape on a daily basis you may want to buy another battery and a charger. You’re going to need them as they don’t last very long. A regular battery only last through about 100 puffs, whereas larger batteries last a lot longer. Chargers are always a good thing to have in case of an emergency. You don’t want to be away from home and your battery go out on you. Always have a second one on hand.


Extra cartridges are always a good thing to own. Yes, you get several in a kit but may need more as you vape. They are inexpensive to purchase and will last you for a long time. They normally come to five in a set. That should last you through each flavor. These cartridges are disposable as they can be thrown away upon completion.

These are some things that are offered in kits or on their own. Enjoy.

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