Knowing When to Change a Cartomizer

In case you don’t already know, a cartomizer is part of what makes up the two part electronic cigarette system. Whereas the three part system has the battery in addition to a cartridge and an atomizer, the two part system combines the latter two. The cartridge and the atomizer become a cartomizer.

Some people prefer the cartomizer for different reasons. One of the main reasons some users opt for the two part over the three part e-cig is that there tends to be less leaking. Aside from that, which style you like is up to you. Some users also like that cartomizers are disposable, and others feel this is an added expense. The bottom line is that it is sort of a six of one half a dozen of the other outlook as each style of e-cig has pros and cons.

The Basics

The first thing to realize is that with the cartomizer, as with any product, the quality is what determines how often you will need to change your cartomizer. Another thing that can impact how long your cartomizer may last is how often you use it. Obviously the more frequently you use your electronic cigarette, the quicker things will need to be cleaned or replaced.

It can also depend on how much you value the quality of the vapor. Some e-cigarette users can only have the fullest and most flavorful vapor and therefore changing the cartomizer more often is important. Other users are willing to ride it out a bit longer to get more value for their investment. There are some common things that can help you determine whether or not it is time to change your cartomizer though.

What to Look for

For most e-cig users, the bottom line is the vapor. Once the quality of the vapor is compromised, it is time to make a change. As a general rule, once the cartomizer starts to go you will notice less vapor. More than likely you will also need to drag or inhale more and harder to get vapor as well. The problem is these can also be signs of a drained battery so be sure to check this before replacing the cartomizer. If a fully charged battery still leaves you with a less than desirable vapor volume, it is time to replace the cartomizer.

You will probably also notice a different taste as the cartomizer burns out. In fact many users describe the changed taste as “burnt”. Of course, this can also come as a result of needing to refill your cartomizer. If you notice the vapor has a burnt flavor, it is probably time to swap out the cartomizer.

Other Ways to Tell

Take a look at your cartomizer. Like the filter on a standard cigarette, the poly filter inside can turn brown and eventually black. The more that collects on the poly filter, the dirtier it is. Not only is it dirty but it compromises the flavor of your vapor as well as the vapor volume of your electronic cigarette. If you are going to bother to use an electronic cigarette you may as well get as much enjoyment out of it as possible. Using a clogged or dirty poly filter may save you a little bit of money but will seriously reduce the enjoyment you get from your e-cig.

Another sure way to tell if your cartomizer is on its last legs is if you notice it is leaking. Although most users notice seeping in the three part system is more common than in the two part, it does happen with both. When it does, it usually means there is a problem with your cartomizer. The only other reason your cartomizer may leak is if it has been overfilled. If you are filling your own and notice leaking on a regular or even semi-regular basis, be sure the problem isn’t over filling.

Why Use a Cartomizer over an Atomizer & Cartridge

This really does boil down to individual preferences. Some electronic cigarette users get the opportunity to use and compare both types. If possible, you should do this so you can decide for yourself. Otherwise the only way to make a decision is to read reviews and articles about the pros and cons of each. So if the questions is “which one should I use?” the truth is there is no cut and dry obvious answer.

If you read enough reviews, you will begin to see some similar terms used when it comes to electronic cigarettes and cartomizers. Some of the more common reasons you will read that some users prefer the cartomizer to the atomizer and cartridge is it can be easier to use and offers better flavor. Of course this can depend on the brand and the quality as well. Even though cartomizers can leak, generally speaking atomizers are much more prone to this type of issue.

Usually with cartomizers if you take care of them and replace them as needed, you shouldn’t really have any issues with leaks. You may find better vapor volume as well as richer quality of flavor good reasons to make a two part electronic cigarette system your first choice. While mixing flavors for refilling your own isn’t as common with this style, it still can be done. Deciding on whether to use pre-filled or empty ones is also yet another thing to consider at some point. All in all read reviews and if possible use some trial and error to find your best bet.

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