Latest in E-Cig Research Findings

The work to find out more about electronic cigarettes is ongoing. Every day there seems to be more changes in bans but not as much needed discovery about what research is uncovering. It can be especially important as many people consider turning to these devices in order to try to break free from their traditional tobacco cigarette smoking habit.

It is also important to keep up to date with the latest findings to be an informed consumer and user. Besides it is important to know the latest news so that you can be aware of how this may or may not be affecting your own health or the health and well-being of those you love.

Although the latest research findings may not always be coming as quickly as people would like, there is plenty of information out there. Staying connected with blogs and social networking sites to stay informed is important. Here’s a little bit of the latest news related to these devices.

Greek Research Relates to the Heart

Recent studies from Greek researchers offer what could be promising news for the world of battery powered smokeless devices.

The research is not meant to indicate that these devices are healthy, however. The research results do seem to at least say that this is better for the heart than tobacco cigarette smoking. The findings showed that there was no direct adverse impact on the function of the heart.

Of course research relating to standard tobacco cigarettes have been shown to have potentially negative effects on the functionality of the heart. The studies were conducted using 20 year old test subjects. The subjects hearts were monitored before and after having a tobacco cigarette and using an electronic device.

  • Tobacco use created a spike in higher blood pressure and heart rate. The elevation in electronic devices was slight in comparison.

Surprisingly this study was the first in its kind. The results also claim to indicate that there was little effect on the functionality of the lungs. Keep in mind this is no indication of what long term effects could be. As of right now, there are no studies that could give results for long term effects, yet. This is partly because the devices themselves were only introduced in 2003, just about a decade ago. Studies did not begin back then, so it would be impossible to see the results from long term use.

Other doctors responding to the results still felt some skepticism, especially in being able to claim whether this option is “healthier” than the tobacco alternative. All doctors were in agreement however that the potential to be less harmful was there because there are fewer chemicals present in electronic smokeless devices.

Second-Hand Vaping?

One of the major concerns connected to tobacco cigarettes in recent years become the possible dangers of health problems related to second-hand smoke. New studies surrounding vaping were conducted to try to determine if this is a concern.

Although research on electronic devices is still in its infancy, it seems that more focus is finally being put on this topic. It is expected to take some time to actually get a clear idea of the health profile related to vaping, as opposed to smoking. The newest study about second-hand exposure came up with these important tidbits of information:

  • The bottom line is that this is a cleaner hobby with fewer chemicals involved that could be considered harmless by the main user him or herself.
  • The studies also seem to indicate that there are few to no dangers from second-hand ‘smoke’ when it comes to these devices.
  • This is with research conducted using the vapor that e-cigarettes omit.

Once again the studies cannot say that this hobby is any healthier than the habit of smoking. What it does say is that that tobacco cigarettes does seem to have more harmful potential effects.

Make sure you are also aware of the fact that you can order e-juice or cartridges that do not contain nicotine. The zero nicotine option is one way that many users of these devices are trying to make their hobby just an enjoyable thing to relax with. Nicotine can make it more habit forming and addictive.

Just be sure of what you are buying when you sign up for your device, cartridges, refills or any related accessories. Do your research and ask questions instead of assuming anything. Of course you should also make it a point to try to continue to read up on the latest information about this hobby and any updated information available. Also be aware of any changes dealing with things such as bans. You don’t want to end up traveling somewhere with your e-cig only to find you can’t even use it.

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