Let’s Talk Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Usually, when you visit a retail website, the pages are filled with nothing but the company’s praises for their own products.  It’s rare to come across a site like ElectronicCigarette.net that actually offers practical information on the top e-cigarette brands (thank you, that’s so nice of you to say).  Instead of hearing from us, though, why not take some time to read what a few recent e-cigarette customers thought of their experience:

After 15 years of smoking, it only took a few days to feel the benefit of switching. My lungs don’t hurt anymore, I can finally breathe again! I am now over six months smoke free. I even used my electronic cigarette on the Amtrak recently, and I generated quite a bit of curiosity. I may have converted a few more smokers!

– Amanda

A complete line of accessories and more flavors than I can imagine ever trying.

– Jon P.

It had to be someone who really understood what a smoker goes through to come up with this fantastic idea. After trying all the other things, this one works. I have cut back my consumption by more than half and getting better every day. Thank you so much for this wonderful invention.

– Michael L.

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