Let’s Talk Unique Accessories for E-Cigs


If you’re a smoker who hangs out with other smokers, you know doubt have at least a few friends who have made the switch to electric cigarettes.  Whether you’ve already made the leap or will shortly, you’re going to want some unique accessories for the e-cigs you own.  That’s where we come in…

Vapor Cigarette USB Passthrough

What’s the best your friend has?  A standard USB e-cig charger?  Weak!  This USB passthrough doesn’t charge your battery, it replaces your battery.  As in you plug into your computer and puff away.  That’ll take the edge off while you’re pounding out those TPS reports.

Lanyard for Smokeless Cigarettes

Want to feel you’re really Captain E-Cig?  The smokeless cigarette lanyard is the key. Impress your friends by walking around proudly displaying your electric cig as a surprisingly practical and useful piece of technological bling.

Take a quick look at the rest of the handy dandy electronic cigarette accessories offered by the top vendors of smokeless cigarettes by clicking here.

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