Looking for a Safe Cig? You’ve Come to the Right Place

We’ve talked a lot about all the great benefits of switching to electric cigarettes.  Some have even referred to these little technological miracles as the “safe cig.”  Like any good slogan, this one works on multiple levels.

If you ever saw an ingredient list of what’s in that pack of cigarettes you’re used to, you would probably freak.  We’re talking about dozens of known carcinogens and a bunch of other harmful chemicals.  Electric cigarettes have none of the nasty compounds found in traditional smokes, which makes a pretty good case for the safe cig nickname.  The lack of secondhand smoke also makes them quite a bit safer for the family and friends around you.

Another bonus on the safe cig front?  How about the fact that there is no flame involved in your new smoking process?  This means no more worries about the terribly destructive house fires that occur when folks fall asleep smoking.  No flame means no worries when it comes to using your smokeless cigarette device.

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