Maintenance vs. Replacement for Your e-Cig Components

No matter how well they are made, eventually there will be a time when you will notice that your electronic cigarette is not working like it is supposed to. That might mean that you will either need to replace a part or do a little bit of maintenance. There are several things to consider when trying to figure out which one you should be doing. Most importantly consider:

  •  The cost of maintaining vs. replacing
  • The ease of the maintenance
  • Safety concerns
  • Where you will get maintenance parts?

The Cost of Maintaining vs. Replacing

With some e-cig brands, components are easy to find, cheap to buy and easy to install. For others, some of the components are becoming more and more difficult to find as the companies start making changes to the electronic cigarettes that they offer. Still other companies are drifting away from the rechargeable, refillable models, moving to a disposable model instead. It is important to determine which fits your budget better: the disposable or the rechargeable.

Once you decide which you like the best, you can start looking at the prices for replacement parts. If you are unlucky enough to get stuck with the parts that are hard to find or may come from only certain distributors, you might find that it is just easier to buy new rather than trying to find replacement parts.

The Ease of Maintenance

Of course, you should also consider how easy it is to maintain the components of your electronic cigarettes if that is what you are choosing to do. One of the most common maintenance chores is to fill the blank cartridges. Some people choose to use the pre-filled cartridges instead because this step can be messy and sometimes very frustrating. You use your choice of e-juice to fill the blank cartridges with whatever juice you are using according to the directions provided by both the juice makers and the cartridge manufacturers.

Some people are not interested in refilling these cartridges, calling it messy and time consuming. Using the pre-filled cartridges can be just as simple and is usually just as cost effective as well.

Safety Concerns

During the use of your electronic cigarette, a component inside of it heats up to create the vapor. If it is not used correctly, this part can become too hot and eventually will not be usable any longer. Other problems that can arise from the electronic cigarette include things like leaking e-juice from the cartridges, batteries that might discharge before they are supposed to and others. While they are rare, there are some serious safety problems that can occur with an improperly used and maintained electronic cigarette with reports of them exploding during use or just after use.

Where Will You Get Your Replacement Parts?

If you cannot get the parts that are recommended by the company you are buying from, that might indicate that you should be buying new. Keep in mind that in some cases you can void your warranty completely if you use parts that are not recommended or endorsed by the company that you are buying from. In addition, if you are buying from a company online, you run the risk of buying items that are not what they are advertised to be.

New companies crop up all of the time, some just jumping on the growing trend of the electronic cigarettes. They may not be offering items that are safe or recommended. In some cases, they might be selling items that are dangerous or hazardous.

Never buy an electronic cigarette kit or a replacement part from a company that does not clearly list where it is coming from or has less than adequate customer service. If you can’t find an address or a point of origin, keep searching.

First Use, Replacement Use and Beyond

One of the most important things that you can do with your electronic cigarettes is to always make sure using it correctly. When you first get yours, it will be important to read through the instructions so that you are putting it together correctly. If you do not connect the pieces the right way, you may damage the wires that keep the electronic cigarette working. Once you break the wires, the component is useless and will need to be completely replaced. Batteries are fairly easy to replace once they stop holding a charge.

Whenever you need to replace, it is important to take the electronic cigarette apart completely, washing and thoroughly drying some parts so that bacteria is not able to flourish. This is important if you are going to change flavors with the blank cartridges. Some flavors are stronger than others and may require more rinsing than others. Do not skip this step for your own health and safety.

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