Make Mine Zero Nicotine

When it comes to understanding e-cigs and nicotine, the topic can seem a bit confusing. What many new users do not realize is that you can have the option with many brands to select a version of e-juice or cartridges that contain no nicotine. For those who have never been tobacco smokers or for those who would prefer to avoid nicotine, it is important to seek a brand that offers this.

You may even want to start with a product that contains some nicotine and then gradually reduce the amount. You can find certain brands that offer nicotine levels as high as 52 mg, which is actually much stronger than your average tobacco cigarette. From there you can find varying amounts, but keep in mind the average amount that is approximately equal to what you find in a full flavor cigarette is between 18-24 mg.

Even 24 is at the higher end of the spectrum and closer to strong cigarettes. So as you can see, with a high level such as 52 mg of nicotine, you would be more than doubling the levels contained in a strong cigarette. This is important to be aware of before ordering your starter kits. Of course there are other things to learn about when it comes to electronic cigarettes and nicotine levels.

Still a Bit Cloudy

As the FDA moves forward with trying to regulate these devices and related products more, many wonder how e-liquid or cartridges lacking any nicotine content will be considered or regulated. Of course anything involving these regulations could change at any time, making the data that exists about this topic obsolete. Presently as it stands, it seems that without nicotine these products would not be treated the same way as the options that do contain even small amounts of nicotine.

The bottom line is that with nicotine those products could end up being treated in a similar manner as tobacco products. Without nicotine this would not apply. This, of course, could get complicated when the topic concerns public use because a user could not prove what they have does not contain nicotine and is therefore not to be treated as a tobacco product.

What’s the Point?

Of course, many who are considering using a smokeless device wonder if there is any point in using smoke juice or cartridges that do not contain any nicotine. If you have never smoked standard tobacco cigarettes, then obviously avoiding getting a taste for nicotine with electronic devices is probably not a wise step to take. You can still enjoy vaping but without the substance that is thought to cause dependence.

For those users who were once traditional cigarette smokers or who may still be using both, the more nicotine you can begin to cut out of your life the better. The reason many smokers or former smokers prefer nicotine in their e-cigarettes is that you still get a throat hit and that substance that many users crave. Throat hit is that strong sensation or feeling a user experiences in the back of their throat when they inhale either a standard cig or an electronic one.

The best thing to do is to try to start with little to no nicotine content. If after some use you find you still want nicotine, then you can reorder juice or cartridges that contain smaller levels of nicotine. If you are bound and determined to start off using a product with a high level of nicotine, then make it a point to try to gradually lower the amount on content each time you reorder.

Eventuallym you may not need any of this in your vaping device. The truth is many people simply enjoy the act of holding a cigarette or the smooth inhalation and exhalation. This is something you can certainly get from a smokeless device and without the need for any nicotine content. Even those who quit and say they miss smoking often seem to crave the actions involved less than the nicotine itself.

An Important Consideration

If you plan to order nicotine for your device, you have to keep in mind that in this form it can be dangerous. Make sure you are careful filling your device because there is a certain amount of risk concerning overdosing from exposure to concentrated forms of this substance. Of course, you should also treat it as you would a poison when it comes to having this around children or pets.

Smaller children and pets could suffer more severe reactions to the substance and suffer a more extreme overdose if exposed to this liquid. There have been some reports that seem to be meant to cause more of a scare in relation to potential overdoses. Use care and caution with any of your electronic cig device and related products.

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