Making Sense of Vapor Volume and Throat Hits

Vapor e-cigs have turned out to be an excellent option to replace traditional cigarettes.  A few reasons are they have a cleaner and scentless design.

In general, it’s safe to say that the throat hit of these e-cigarettes is more important than the vapor volume.  What you’ll want is the throat hit to match that of the regular cigarettes you are used to puffing.

First let’s run through how these cigarettes work.

Essentially these mechanical devices are designed to look similar to a cigarette. They are small devices that use a liquid, often called e-liquid.  In the device there is a tiny element that literally warms the e-liquid, same as a kettle does with water.

Then the e-liquid evaporates and is breathed in by the smoker.  The key difference is they many not contain nicotine.  Unlike traditional cigarettes, the smoker can choose which e-liquid to enjoy and also has the ability to control the nicotine level with this maneuver.

The vapor volumes are set with these cigarettes and when searching for the best type for you, vapor volume is critical.  These cigarettes let you check on the vapor you breath in and take care of your health.

What happens with these vapor cigarettes is they don’t have to burn tobacco to release the addictive nicotine smoke.  Rather they just vaporize nicotine from a solution when you breathe into the device.

The vapor breathed in doesn’t stink, and it dissipates quickly when exhaled.  Most non-smokers normally don’t mind these mechanical cigarettes because they don’t give off an offensive odor.

Numerous smokers are making the switch to these cigarettes because they think they may be better off with these cigarettes.

Moving on…

The main reason some people believe various vapor e-cigarettes are better than cheaper electronic ones is simply because of vapor volume.  The vapor is just too thin if the vapor volume is too low, and these cheaper versions don’t even come close to mimicking real smoke.

In other words, you aren’t going to be able to convince your mind or lungs that this is the real deal with low vapor volume.

With the vapor level it’s also important to consider the flavors and nicotine levels.  It’s best to go with a brand that gives you a variety of flavors.  You will also need to experiment with the differing nicotine levels to see what one suits you best.

So now let’s look at a ‘throat hit’ more closely.  Essentially it’s the feeling you get when first breathing in the smoke deeply.  The sensation that hits you deep within your lungs.  This ‘hit’ so to speak is a heck of a lot less noticeable with an electronic cigarette but it’s still there.

It’s really about just knowing you’re inhaling and exhaling the vapor.  Coming into play with the ‘throat hit’ is also the nicotine level and voltage.

When it comes to nicotine, most mechanical cigarettes use different cartridges with different amounts of nicotine.  Of course the more nicotine you choose in general, the greater the hit.

Regular cigarettes also vary in nicotine levels, depending on the brand.

When it comes to the mechanical cigarettes, pretty much all e-cigarettes have nicotine.  A lot of smokers enjoy puffing on the ones with nicotine because helps to satisfy their nicotine addiction.

A large percentage of people use these cigarettes instead of smoking and still crave the nicotine.  Experts agree the nicotine found in these cigarettes makes the adjustment from tobacco cigarettes to these mechanical ones a whole lot less difficult.

That said, there are plenty of e-liquid flavors out there that allow cigarette users using this new method to pick which nicotine level they’d prefer.  Nicotine-free flavors are also available.

Now on to the voltage in relation to electronic cigarettes.  The battery voltage ties in with the vapor experience.  If you have a device that has a poor batter with weak voltage, you may get good vapor when you have fresh batteries but as the battery starts to weaken and the voltage lowers, the vapor experience will diminish accordingly.

This hugely affects the overall enjoyment and performance of an e-cig.

There are some brands out there that have variable voltage and this keeps the voltage and vapor experience constant regardless of how old the battery is.  Of course these brands are more expensive but definitely worth it.

The bottom line is the vapor volume, throat hits, nicotine levels and voltage all play roles in determining what your e-cig experience is like.

Vapor volume and throat hits are significant when determining the effectiveness of your experience with e-cigarettes.  Choose wisely to match your tastes and enjoy!

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