My E-Cig Battery is Broken!

A worn out e-cig battery is an extremely frustrating experience.  It would be roughly equivalent to losing your lighter if you were smoking traditional cigarettes.  That having been said, if you’re a customer then you’ve got reason to be relieved…

E-Cig Battery Maintenance

Basically, you’ll want to check and make sure no debris is blocking the air vents on your e-cig battery, thereby stopping it from functioning properly or even charging correctly.  In the extremely rare event that these solutions don’t work?…

E-Cig Battery Guarantee

Because many of the brands reviewed at are so confident in the quality and reliability of each e-cig battery they produce, they offer an exclusive lifetime guarantee on our batteries.  This means that you will never be hung out to dry without an e-cig battery.

Which companies offer ecigarette warranties and guarantees?  Better read our full reviews of the top e-cig brands to find out (click here).

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