No More Need to Step Outside – Why Vaping Rules over Smoking

There are many reasons why vaping has taken over regular smoking. The need to step out and have a smoke is now a thing of the past. Many more people are turning to e-cigs rather than traditional smoking because of its convenience. Regular smoking trends have begun to die down over the last few years due to the rising cost of tobacco products and because it is being banned from public locations.

The e-cig was an instant hit among smokers as they had an alternative to their habit. Vaping is otherwise known as smoking. When using an e-cig the art of inhaling and exhaling is referred to as vaping. An e-cig can be vaped almost anywhere and at any time, just as regular cigarettes once could. But the thing with regular smokes are the harmful effects they have on one’s health and their potential hazard to the environment. E-cigs are currently battling the same argument as many states have not made their mind up yet to ban them or not. The only reason they have not is because the FDA has not inspected them.


Many institutions have begun to ban the use of e-cigs. These are the same places that have implemented the cigarette and pipe bans. They claim that it is harmful to one’s health and patrons who don’t smoke don’t need to be around smoke constantly.

These places include but are not limited to restaurants, shopping malls, grocery stores, government buildings and airports. Vaping cannot be done almost anywhere that traditional smoking cannot.

Pros for E-Cigs

There are positive reasons why people should turn to e-cigs. They contain only small amounts of nicotine in them. This is important because regular cigs tend to have large amounts. Also, the nicotine found in cigs has been known to be harmful and fatal to the user’s health. Nothing has been determined about e-cig’s effect on one’s health.

Vapors come from an atomizer. Vapors are a smoke-like mist that is ingested by the user. Cigarettes leave a heavy smoke in the air. It is not vaporous and very detrimental to the people around it. That’s why it has been banned from public places. The only place where one can smoke openly is at bars anymore. And some of these institutions are starting to ban the activity.

Ashes from a traditional smoke are dangerous. They can lead to many bad things such as fire and damage to one’s clothes. There is no smoke associated with an e-cig. It’s all built around vapors. It is virtually impossible to burn oneself with an e-smoke because it runs off of a battery. That’s not to say that the device does not get hot, but it does not drop hot ashes from its tip like traditional cigarettes.

Vaping Outdoors

Vaping has become known as a harmless activity. You do have to be of legal age to do it, but it can be done in many more places that traditional smoking cannot. That’s the advantage of using an e-cig. You never have to worry about someone telling you that you can’t smoke in their place with the exception of places where there is already a ban.

You are able to enjoy an e-cig while taking a walk in the park or while relaxing outside whenever you’d like. That’s why they have become so popular over the last few years. They have so many advantages over regular smoking and the variety is plentiful.


As mentioned above there are so many e-liquid flavors to choose from that you’ll go with more than one. Popular flavors are chocolate, cherry, vanilla and almond. There are many more but these are what most users like.

Flavors can also be mixed. You can fuse cherry and chocolate to create a new flavor that you can enjoy or a combination of any other flavors. E-liquids can be bought in vials. They come in three types: light, medium and strong, just like regular smokes. If you’re a beginner and have never even tried a cigarette before, you might want to go with a light e-liquid. You can step it up once you try it more.

Where Can It Be Purchased?

You can purchase all of your e-cig supplies online. There are numerous sites dedicated to selling quality e-cig products. Many online sites offer specials. Research each one before making a final decision.

You are also able to purchase the device and its accessories in local tobacco shops and in convenient stores, basically anywhere cigarettes are sold. The advantage of buying your pieces from a shop is that you are able to see what you get and do not have to wait for it to be delivered.

These are just some of the benefits of e-cigs over traditional smoking. You should always take caution before partaking in any of the activities. Enjoy.

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  1. joy says:

    Vaping is awesome!! I’ve only been doing it for 6 months, but I felt much better in terms of breathing, energy, and smell. I could instantly feel a difference in my overall health!!

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