Non-smokers Enjoy an E-cig & Other Things You Should Know

The interesting thing about the e-cig market is that it has been attracting more than just the average and possibly expected user. It seems even those who do not have prior experience using tobacco cigarettes have become interested in possibly using these devices. Of course for many of them the question arises:

Can a non-smoker enjoy an electronic cigarette?

We’ll steer clear of using the word safe in relation to any cigarette products, tobacco or otherwise, as that has yet to be determined. Probably the most important thing to realize is that some brands or options within certain brands contain nicotine. So while you do not have the tobacco you would from a regular cigarette, you may have the same nicotine content levels. Make no mistake this is one of the reasons traditional cigarettes are thought to be addictive and you should be aware of this before getting involved.

On the other hand, you should also be aware of the fact that you can often buy e-juice or e-cigs that contain zero nicotine. If you decide to give these devices a try, just be aware of what exactly you are ordering.

What about these smokeless devices and pregnancy?

There is nowhere that states, or should state, that expectant mothers should use these devices. Being pregnant is a time in a woman’s life when the most important thing is the overall health of the mother and the child. With that being said, there should be no risks taken for a mother to use anything that could even be a potential or slight risk. It is a good idea to avoid any type of cigarettes, tobacco products, anything containing nicotine or anything that could be potentially dangerous to the mother or child.

Whenever you are uncertain about a specific product and use during pregnancy, you should speak to your doctor about the health risk. If you are currently a tobacco smoker who needs assistance quitting during pregnancy, you should also seek the advice of your doctor. Keep in mind these same guidelines often apply to pregnant women, women who are trying to conceive and mothers who are breastfeeding.

What are some benefits of electronic versus tobacco?

There are multiple reasons the electronic and smokeless version of cigarettes have gained so much popularity and publicity in recent years. Aside from the fact that even more celebrities end up being spotted enjoying these devices, which tends to set off a trend alert, there are other reasons for the popularity. For one thing, even in places where traditional smoking is allowed, many non-smokers make it quite clear they do not approve.

For those who would rather not cause a problem but would like to enjoy a non-traditional cigarette, the electronic versions have become quite popular. In fact, instead of hearing those around you complain you are more likely going to be asked questions about the device. There are plenty more reasons, which also leads into the next frequently asked question.

Is vaping better for the environment?

There are reasons why vaping instead of smoking could easily be considered more green or environmentally friendly. One of the main reasons this could be considered a greener alternative is that there is no pollution from tossing cigarette butts from the car window. Luckily this also helps reduce the risk of starting forest fires.

The devices are reusable and can last a very long time, depending on the quality you buy and the care you give your device. Although the cartridges eventually need to be disposed of, you are usually getting one tip for every 20 of a standard cigarette butt or one for every pack of cigarettes. The one you get in your starter kit also comes complete with a rechargeable battery, which is also a way to cut down on expense as well as waste.

Can you find coupons or deals that are not scams?

There are, of course, plenty of legit and decent offers available from time to time on starter kits especially. In fact you can also simply find starter kits that are priced reasonably low. If you find a deal that seems too good to be true, just do a little research. It is generally not a good idea to give out more personal or financial information than you would like simply to take advantage of a discount. However if you find a good deal, check with other competitors to see if they also offer the same thing and make sure it even is that great a deal.

Keep in mind to get free shipping, you often have to sign up for a brand’s auto-refill program, which may end up causing you headaches and costing more money if you decide you want to get out of it.

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