Popular Smoking Alternatives

Whatever your smoking background and whatever your reasons for wanting to quit, you’ve finally arrived at the decision to kick the habit.  Congratulations.  The process will likely be hard, starting with the selection of your smoking alternative product.  There are a lot of choices out there, and here’s a little bit of info on each…

Nicotine Patches

As far as smoking alternatives go, this has to be one of the earliest and most popular, at least initially.  It seems pretty simple, slap this thing on your arm and you’ll be good when the cravings hit.  While the element of secrecy is certainly a plus, the big negative is that it does nothing to feed your other cravings.  Your hand it unoccupied, your mouth is unoccupied, etc.  Quitting smoking is as much about tricking your subconscious self as it is getting the chemical fix.

Nicotine Gums and Lozenges

Again, the element of secrecy is a plus with this approach, provided on of your buddies doesn’t try to borrow a piece of gum.  The taste is nothing to right home about, but no one said this would be easy, right.  The other plus is that gum or lozenges occupy your mouth, often making them slightly more effective than some other smoking alternatives.  Unfortunately, many have fallen off the gum and lozenge bandwagon, only to return to their cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes

This approach is definitely the newest of the smoking alternatives and may very well be the most effective.  Essentially what you’re doing is taking traditional smoking and simply removing the nasty hidden chemicals that no one wants anyway.  Oh, and you can also “smoke” just about anywhere.  The rest of the experience is the same, down to the shape and color of the “cigarette,” the smoke (ok, water vapor), and even the light at the end.

While smokeless cigarettes are not officially approved as a smoking cessation product and cannot be marketed as such, many users have reported using them as such.  You can read their stories by clicking here.

Who can you trust to deliver a high quality electronic cigarette?  Check out our full reviews of the top e-cig manufacturers by clicking here.

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