Refilling Tanks for Electronic Cigarettes

The e-cigarette is refreshing and is becoming more and more popular among enthusiasts who once enjoyed traditional pipe smoking, but there are many things that you must realize when buying one of them. For one, you have to know how to refill the tanks.

The tanks that come with the mechanism hold the juice. The juices are concentrated, and this concentrated e-juice is what is vaped. Vaping is the term that defines the inhalation and exhalation with the device. These juices come in several varieties. They tend to stray from the ordinary and come in unique and exotic flavors such as cherry, almond and chocolate just to name a few.

Here are the steps for refilling the tanks:

  • You’ll need a paper towel or napkin for this as you don’t want to get any of the juice on your table. First remove the tip, which catches the remnants of the juice. This will allow you to get inside the tank. Once the tip is out, you’ll have to push the cartomizer about half way through the tank. There will be a gap between the top and the acrylic side.
  • Next slant the tank just a little and start filling it up until it starts to overflow. You can clean the overflow up later as it won’t harm anything in the process. After you have done this, start filling the tank around the cart. You’ll want to get in as much juice as possible for a pleasurable experience. Don’t fill it up so much that you don’t have the room to push the cart back inside.
  • Now that you have the juice in all of its intended compartments your next step is to push the cart up inside the tank. It has to go on tight so there is no leakage. If you do experience leakage, you’ll need to recap the fitting in order to get it as tight as possible. Grab your paper towel and start wiping up any spills that may have occurred around the mechanism. Screw your tip back on and put the battery in. You’ll need to do this every time.
  • Whenever you see the juices getting low, you will have to refill them as needed. This is important because you’ll want to have a great experience every time you vape.

Here is another way to refill your tank:

  • Again, grab a paper towel or something to absorb the juice. Start unscrewing the drip tip and metal gasket that is located at the top. Removing these is necessary in order to fill the tank because they are what hold the tank on to the device.
  • Start filling the tank to about three quarters full. You will see when you do this that both sides are evenly filled. This is a vital part of the process because if you don’t fill the open tank evenly you will not get a good vape and the device will run out of juice on the sides that are not full enough.
  • Always leave the drip tip on the cart. If you accidently omit the tip from the cart, you’ll have to empty out the juice and start all over again. This can be rather costly to you so you’ll have to remember this each time you refill the tank.
  • Put your finger over the hole located at the bottom of the cart then start inhaling to get the piece primed up. Look over your cart constantly to see if it is full enough. If you do this right the first time, you will start to see the liquid disappearing. This is an indication that the juice is properly going inside the cart.  A word to the wise: don’t inhale the juice too much as it will flood the cart and ruin the process.
  • Start filling the tank, again, to about three quarters as you did in the first place. After you do this, push the cart back into the tank. You are going to sit the tank on a surface that is flat and replace the metal mechanism and also the drip tip. Getting a tight fit onto the device will allow for an even and smooth vape.
  • The last part of this process is to get the air flowing through the tank. In order to do this you are going to have to put your finger over the hole at the bottom and start to inhale where the tank is located. This is going to do one of two things: get air flowing through the device and remove any leaks that are going inside of the tank.
  • Always remember to repeat these steps when you are getting low.
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