Should You Ever Buy Disposable E-cigarettes as an Impulse Buy?

Electronic cigarettes are showing up in more and more places, from your local retail store to the corner gas station. In the past, buying them was always a conscious effort, as you had to go to the website and make an order, entering your address or shipping information plus your credit card numbers. You had to really think it through before making a purchase. But now, they are right there, sometimes right in front of you at the cash register, and if you have been thinking about it at all, you might choose to buy a disposable right then and there. But, there are a few things that you should realize about these types of impulse buys. There are also a number of pros and cons to keep in mind.

Pro: A Disposable Is an Inexpensive Way to Sample E-cigs

If you have been thinking about trying electronic cigarettes, you might be a little bit off by the price for a starter pack plus the recurring expense for replacement cartridges and other parts. But keep in mind that you are not only going to be eliminating the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes, but a lot of the expense as well. In most cases, you will actually be saving money by buying the electronic cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes. The amount of money that you actually save may depend on the brand that you are buying.

Con: You May Not Get a Realistic Picture of the Electronic Cigarette

Unless you are planning to stick with the disposable models, your impulse buy might give you a false picture of the use of e-cigs. For instance, you may not get a full idea of the draw or the amount of vapor of other brands, but you will get a general idea. If you start with the disposable and then switch you might be disappointed or pleasantly surprised.

Pro: It Is Good to Have an Option in a Pinch

Let’s say that you have been using an electronic cigarette for some time. On a long road trip, you notice that your battery may be failing you and you have no way of charging up until you arrive home or to your destination. But road trips make you edgy and stressed out so you really need to have the e-cig for a little bit of comfort- you stop in a small gas station and see the disposable electronic cigarettes on display. At this point you are really thinking of getting a pack of regular cigarettes, but you will not smoke in the car because of the kids and your non-smoking spouse. Buying the disposable e-cig at this point may be a great solution, allowing you the physical sense of comfort without resorting to tobacco.

Con: You Never Know What You Are Getting

You probably started using your regular brand of electronic cigarettes after at least a little bit of research and comparison. You probably know a little about the potentially dangerous chemicals that you should be watching out for when you are buying e-cigs. And you probably have a little bit of brand loyalty that will come into play. Buying a disposable may depend on the luck of the draw because not all of the big names have come out with their own disposable version and not all of the gas stations will be selling the whole range of options. They are likely to only offer one or two brands with only a few flavors of each.

Pro: It Is Cheaper Than Buying an Emergency Battery or Pack of Cigarettes

If you are lucky enough to find batteries, chargers or replacement parts while you are on your road trip, it is a safe bet that you will be paying top dollar for them. A disposable is also likely to be at least comparable in price to the pack of cigarettes that you are eyeing if not much cheaper.

Con: Is the Cost Going to Remain Cheaper if You Buy Them All the Time?

If you are buying disposable e-cigs because they are your choice, will you really be saving money? You need to figure the cost of use. If you are only relying on the e-cig occasionally, for instance, then the disposable might be the best choice and the most cost effective option. On the other hand, if you are using your e-cig every day, several times a day, the cost of the disposable might become much higher than the regular e-cigs, which can offer you savings from a variety of programs.

If the disposable is good for four to six uses (just an estimate) but a traditional e-cig is good for much more, you are wasting money by making this impulse buy.

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