Smoke, Tar, Ash & Odor Free – the Benefits of E-cigs

One of the most important aspects of electronic cigarettes is the vapor volume, for those who like something similar to the robust plume of smoke they could enjoy from a traditional tobacco cigarette. Aside from that there is very little to want to replicate when it comes to the electronic version of the standard tobacco cigarette.

By design, some of those features people like about traditional cigarettes are mirrored in the e-cig version. The look of the actual cartridge and battery for many brands is meant to resemble the old tan colored paper encased filter tip with the white body. Others however have gone astray and may just use a solid black or other look. Some brands have also made the travel carry cases look like a traditional pack of someone’s favorite brand of cigarettes.

In fact, some ecig brands have even taken it a step further by creating a tip that glows when you inhale or drag on the component. Yet when it comes to many of the other “features” of a traditional tobacco cigarette, there is little else a user would want to have replicated in the electronic version. It really is sort of like having the best of what you want, removing what you don’t want and being left with a device that you still use almost anywhere.

That Puff of Something

Relax, kick back and enjoy a thick puff or plume of vapor? Yes, instead of the smoke traditional tobacco cigarette users rely on, e-cig users suck in the thick, full vapor of their electronic version. For brands that have mastered the vapor volume, users enjoy the inhale and claim to actually be able to feel the plume of vapor in their mouth. For most users, and with the right brand, this is a satisfying experience.

Also, with the right brand you will get that rich, full, robust flavor but without the stuff you don’t want anyway. Tar for example. Get the flavor you want with the electronic cigarette and without the tar you would get if you were to use a traditional cigarette. When people wonder if they will miss traditional cigarettes if they opt to use the e-cigs instead, this is certainly one of the top things on the list that will not be missed.

Ironically one of the things to despise most about smoking is, well, the smoke. Although smoke and vapor is not the same thing, you basically get a more pleasing version of the real thing, a milder, less intrusive and more publicly acceptable version of cigarette smoke. So while many people worry about missing smoking if they put down their standard cigarette, they realize it isn’t the actual messy, smelly smoke they will miss.

Other Things That Won’t Be Missed

Of course another thing that many people don’t miss when they give up their traditional tobacco cigarette is the ash. How many smokers can remember driving down the road with the ash blowing back in their face? Or getting ash on your clothing and the more you try to swipe it away the more messy and smudged it becomes. It washes out, sure, but if you are out somewhere or going to an important function you are left with that very recognizable look of cigarette soot ash on your clothing.

Finally, one of the biggest complaints about standard cigarettes is the odor. Before the push came to make traditional tobacco cigarettes illegal in many places and banned by choice in others, the odor had become a pressing issue. This was obvious when hotels started offering rooms that were non-smoking because non-smokers couldn’t stand the lingering odor of a previous guest who smoked. Honestly, even a large majority of smokers do not like the odor tobacco leaves in their hair, on their clothes, skin, in their furniture, car or even on their drapes and other household items.

This has always been one of those issues that standard tobacco cigarette users could not find a remedy for. Simple laundry details or spraying scented fresheners on items didn’t seem to do enough. Washing your hair worked until you had the next cigarette. If you use the electronic cigarettes, you will find the scent is much more pleasing and does not linger like regular smoke.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that what you want to get from trying electronic cigarettes is your own personal experience. Many people have different reasons for using this type of device. If you are looking for a way to enjoy a good e-cig while out on the town with friends without breaking the law, you could really enjoy a good electronic cigarette. If you want something that brings you a similar taste and feel of tobacco flavored smoke without the smoke you could very well enjoy trying an e-cig.

In other words if you are tired of smoke, tar, ash and odor, you should at least see what the electronic cigarettes have to offer. For many users the reasons to enjoy e-cigs are part of a long list, including these as well as price and affordability. Give it a try and see why so many users are enjoying an after dinner e-cig without causing those around them to cough and be outraged about it.

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