Smoking Hot Topics on an E-Cig Forum

If there’s one thing you can count on from e-cig users, it’s the development of a strong and supportive community.  If you’re in a bigger city, you might even see this face-to-face.  Most of us, though, see it through online communities like  Here is a quick sampling of a few of the hot topics right now…

Smoking Cessation

Bottom line, smokeless cigarettes are not officially labeled as a smoking cessation product and cannot be marketed as such.  That having been said, stories of users kicking their smoking habitat abound on the e-cig forum.  Of course, results are always variable, but check out the story of this Marine who cannot stand his old cigarettes after only two days by clicking here.

Smokes on a Plane

Yep, you read that right.  Stories of e-cig users “smoking” on an airplane are not that uncommon.  As we’ve mentioned before, you’ll want to alert the airplane staff before turning your e-cig on.  Also, you might be thinking you’ll have difficulties getting through security.  Check out the handy FAQ guide to getting your e-cig through the TSA security checkpoint by clicking here.

Smoke Confusion

E-cigs are often at the center of cases of mistaken identity.  Granted, most people confuse them for traditional cigarettes, but this is not always the case.  The following tale of smoking confusion from the e-cig forum will likely leave you laughing, but helps illustrate the need to further educate and inform those around you.  Check out the story by clicking here.

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