So How Important is that E-Cig Warranty?

A warranty is one of those things that makes us feel warm and cuddly at the end of the day, right?  But a lot of times we don’t really expect the company to come through for us when push comes to shove.  There’s always some sort of catch or nasty fine print, isn’t there?

Well, if you bought a cheap smokeless cigarette, then your e-cig warranty might be the only thing going up in smoke when the device stops working.  Not so with the brands reviewed at  They stand behind their product and are proud to produce a reliable and durable e-cig that people enjoy.

That’s why many gladly offer a full lifetime e-cig warranty on the batteries you use for your e-cigarette.  That means if the battery should ever break down or stop functioning in anyway, they’ll set you up with a new one, no questions asked.  Although I should mention that their warranty staff is pretty bored, so maybe you could call them up just to chat.  That’d be nice.

Where can you read more about these fantastic smokeless cigarette brands?  Click here to read the full reviews on our homepage.

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