Some Reasons People Are Against E-cigs

It would be great if everyone could get together and agree on something every once in a while. The reality is that will probably never happen. When it comes to electronic cigarettes there is little chance of even coming close to that idea. Those who use these devices or are considering using them may be wondering why anyone would have such an issue with them.

So while you shouldn’t let it completely change your view on these smokeless devices, you should at least be aware of what others think. Being armed with the knowledge means you will know what to expect if someone you meet is opposed to your new approach to enjoying a “vape.”

  • They look like the real deal – Of course candy cigarettes look like the traditional tobacco smokes, but you don’t see those being completely banned or anyone telling a child they are making a mistake. However many people feel that by looking like a common cig that it still promotes using the tobacco filled version. There are some that are fancier looking than your usually butt. There are even some brands that offer the glowing tip in a color other than your fiery looking orange or red. Still people may think you are somehow puffin’ on a smoke that has a purple burning tip.
  • They still aren’t understood – The truth is that we are still learning more about these devices every day. So whenever something is new it is often misunderstood. As more research is done about these devices this will hopefully begin to change. The more the average person actually knows about an e-cig the more comfortable the general public may become about them. Until then it is a matter of not letting other people’s opinions or lack of knowledge impact your decision making.
  • People are still uncomfortable with public use – Because these devices look so much like the real thing, many people get scared when they see these being used in public. They either worry their children will be impacted, are afraid there is still a possibility of second hand smoke even though smoke is not produced or just don’t get what they are exactly. Often times by simply showing your smokeless device to someone who seems confused or concerned about it you can help them to change their mind.
  • Some people will fight anything – All it takes is to have a single small reason to oppose something and that’s enough for some people. The bottom line is some people like to debate or to fight against something. It does often mean not having all the facts or information. The simple fact that one known device exploded in Niceville, Florida is enough for people to ban together in protest.  That single incident may have also been the result of a device that had been modified, it is still not known for sure at this time. However people will overlook that and still make it a point to protest.

What to Do?

The first thing to do is inform yourself the best you can before getting a smokeless device. Also spend plenty of time choosing which one you want. Finally make the important decision to see if you would rather go with a version that does not contain nicotine.

Secondly, it is probably a good idea to not try to engage in an argument with anyone about these devices. People are going to think what they want regardless of what you tell them. Fighting is simply not worth the trouble.

You should, however, find out about joining groups that can help keep you informed about changes to legislation or new discoveries relating to these devices. In some cases you may want to try to help petition to try to prevent certain regulations from changing or rules being added. Trying to retain your rights as a electronic device user is only fair.

Understanding the Outcry

If you have made the choice to become a “vaper” you should at least be aware that you may run into some resistance if you use yours publically. You should also be realistic about the fact that regulations may change again and not always in your favor.

If you are planning on getting a device just because you think you will be able to use it at work, keep in mind that may not always be the case. Many workplaces do not allow them except for during a “smokers” break. So even if your place of employment allows it now, that may not be true even next week.

The ban on using these devices in airplanes continues right now. Although the ban has not been passed officially, it is in effect. Most airlines will now tell you that although you are allowed to bring it on board you may not use it on board or anywhere other than where traditional tobacco cigarettes are used. For now though, many places will still allow it and so the choice is up to you.


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