Take Your E-cig Quiz & Find Out Your Style

You may be new to the world of electronic smokeless mechanisms and not sure which kind or kit to start with. You may even already be a user but can’t help wondering if there is a better match for you out there. One of the best ways to determine what it is you want when you order a kit or a specific brand is to come up with a list of your top priorities.

The trouble is if you are unfamiliar with it all, you may not even know what your top priorities are for a kit. By taking this quiz you should then be able to get an idea of what is important to you when it comes to searching for your perfect electronic device kit.

Q. How Much Do You Vape?

If you have never used these electronic devices before, you may not have an answer for that just yet. You probably have a better idea than you realize though. For instance, some people do or know they will only be doing some after dinner vaping. Others may be much more frequent users.

So what does it mean?

If you vape a lot or intend to do so, you will want to look for kits that get higher ratings for battery life. Even looking for those who get better performance from their e-cig even as the battery dies. Also, make sure if you are considering a three piece device with reviews that don’t get too many complaints about leaking from users who vape a lot.

Q. Two Piece or Three Piece?

If you plan to want to do your own cartridge filling, then three piece is the way to go. This is also ideal for anyone who wants to make a hobby out of trying to create your own flavor mixtures and combinations. For anyone who doesn’t want to deal with filling cartridges and would rather avoid the higher potential for leaks, the two piece is better.

Q. How Important Are Flavors?

If you know you are going to be a more simple, tried and true diehard fan of the basic flavors such as tobacco and menthol, then you don’t have to worry as much about which kind you pick. However make sure to find out if these flavors are available.

Now if you are someone who knows you will want crazy and innovative fruit flavors and a catalog of new flavors coming out all the time, you should make sure these are available. Don’t assume there will be a wide variety of flavor choices because many companies really don’t focus on this or bother with it.

Q. How Important Are Looks?

This is actually a question that it serious for many users. You are probably one of three different types of smokeless mechanism users. The first kind doesn’t care at all about looks as long as the device works well and doesn’t have many complaints in reviews about technical issues, etc. The second type of user wants the device to look kind of cool but it isn’t a priority. However when narrowing down choices this user will select one that looks cool over one that doesn’t.

Finally there are some vapers who feel that looks are everything. These users will definitely care more about the color, sleek look or colorful jeweled tip above all else. So you should decide which of these type of users you are and then have that in mind as you browse your selections.

Q. What Do You Want in Your Kit?

Aside from just budget, think about what you want in your starter kit. If you are not familiar yet with what’s available, take some time to browse and see what there is. You can get as basic or as elaborate as you want. Be aware of the kits with extra batteries, fancy travel cases or other accessories you may or may not want.

Finally you can also look around for deals on the brands you are considering. You can make an actual list of each kit you want, the brand that it is, the cost for the kit you want and any pros or cons for each one. Look at each site to see which ones offer free shipping. This factor alone could be the deciding one for which one you order.

If you do some online research, though, you could even find that you can find coupons on other sites other than the brand site itself. If nothing else you can always try contacting a particular brand and asking if they have an offers to help lower the price. If you tell them you are deciding between their brand and a competitor, then you may be able to work out a better deal then what they have advertised.

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