The Best Chargers for Vapor Cigarettes

The Best Chargers for Vapor Cigarettes

If you’ve ever hung out with a group of smokers, you know how hotly contested some issues can be.  Best brands, menthol vs. regular, etc.  The same can be said for vapor cig users.  Many of them hold pretty strong opinions about brands and flavors, especially when there are so many more available flavors with electric cigs than traditional smokes.  But, if you’re about to get into a debate about smokeless cigarette accessories, make sure you have some serious free time.

Since we’re all about stirring up lively discussion here at, we’d like to know your pick for the best chargers for vapor cigarettes.  There are strong candidates to choose from depending on your lifestyle:

  • Wall charger for e-cigs – sturdy, dependable, requires nothing more than a functional wall socket.
  • USB charger for electric cig batteries – perfect for those who always have a computer nearby.
  • Smokeless cig car charger – a nice match for those who are on the road a lot

Whatever your preference, you’ll find a high quality version from the top e-cig vendors reviewed at (click here).

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