The Buyer & Users Guide to E-cigs

Once you discover the benefits of an electronic cigarette, the next step generally is to choose one for yourself. A starter kit is the easiest, most cost effective and most popular way to get started. Of course getting started is the key idea here as many users or potential users want to know how exactly they can get started.

One thing is for sure, you have no lack of brands to choose from. We’ve seen brands come out of nowhere and become among the most popular. We’ve also seen brands that weren’t hot sellers listen to the feedback, make changes and make a comeback. Of course we’ve also seen several brands take time to build and establish a name for themselves.

Getting What You Want

There’s no guide to inform you what will work best for you. The trouble is there are simply too many determining factors that go into the varieties of e-cigs. You can, however, learn about what ones may be what you are looking for based on what your specifications and preferences are.

  • Luxury versus Affordability – You can save yourself a great deal of time and effort in the decision making process if you go ahead and decide which of these two categories you are more than likely suited for. More than likely you are well aware of where you stand and what you want when deciding between luxury or affordability. Those who like luxury may not be getting a better quality brand necessarily, but these users know they like more whistles and bells.  Luxury users tend to be concerned with the style of their device including having different colors or glowing tips that glow brighter when the user inhales. For those who just want a good price these other details usually mean very little.
  • Two Part versus Three Part – More and more users are moving towards the two part system, which means more and more companies are moving towards the same type of device. In many ways the two part is considered more user friendly and are less likely to have issues such as leaks. So what is the point of the three part system device? Usually this is still a more cost effective starter kit and often runs lower in cost to refill. The other reason some users still prefer it is because you can refill it yourself, which means determining how much to fill it, how long to continue to use it and how to be able to mix flavors. Just keep in mind, you may be taking on more responsibility with the three part system as opposed to the two part.
  • The Agreement You Get into – This is something to be leery of because it could be connected to scams. Even those which are not related to a scam are starting to give the e-cig industry and market a bad name. Of course with the right reputable brand you may actually prefer to get into an agreement instead of just buying the kit. The idea behind the membership is that you automatically get refills, which is meant to save you the trouble of bothering to place a reorder. Generally companies will offer an enticing benefit such as free shipping if you sign up for this type of program. Of course some companies offer a free starter kit and these are the types of offers that are often linked to scams. Be sure you know what you are getting yourself into if you sign up for anything that asks you to supply your credit card, bank card or checking information before agreeing to it. Even if you can get out of your membership there is often a lapse of about two months before the cancellation goes through, which means you will still be getting charged.
  • Other Considerations – One other thing you should make sure of is understanding that there are different styles of electronic cigarette devices. If you are expecting a mini sized device and a cigar size shows up, you are more than likely going to be disappointed. Also you may want to work only with a brand that offers a money back guarantee. Getting your first starter kit can be a tricky decision making process, so you should be able to have the option to return it if it is not what you had hoped to get. Aside from that, just read through enough reviews to be an informed potential user and you will more than likely make the decision that works best for you the first time around.

Also be wary of brands that make false promises. Many claim you can use these devices on planes, but current FDA regulations are set to change that. If you are lured by a particular promise, do your research to verify if it is true.

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