The Importance of a Long-Lasting E-Cig Battery

For those of you who don’t know, the e-cig battery is actually the white part of the unit.  Obviously this little guy is pretty important, since he powers the entire operation of the e-cig.  But aren’t all e-cig batteries created equal?  What’s really so important about having a long-lasting e-cig battery?

At, several of the top e-cig brands we review provide a lithium long-lasting e-cig battery in every one of their smokeless cigarette units.  So why do they bother giving you the best battery available?  Imagine how frustrating it would be to want to smoke a traditional cigarette but for there to be no matches anywhere.  That’s what it would feel like to have your e-cig battery die unexpectedly.

Obviously, the amount of usage determines how long your battery will last, but a long-lasting e-cig battery should last you much longer than some of the original vapor cig batteries.  And should you ever have an issue with the battery, you’ll certainly be happy for the lifetime battery guarantee offered by some vendors.

Ready to find out which of the best e-cigarette brands offer long-lasting batteries?  Start reading by clicking here.

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