The Importance of Chargers & Batteries

Having a good charger and battery is necessary for so many things in life today.  Everything from your electronics; cell phone to computers and remote controls, to remote control cars and various other children’s toys that seem to always be needing them.

And it’s true that the quality of your battery and charger will directly affect the performance of the item at hand.

Well the same thing applies when it comes to electronic cigarettes. The better quality charger and battery, the longer it lasts and the better the experience for you.  Just as the light will start to dim when the batteries die in a flashlight, you will lose the ‘vapor experience’ of an e-cig if the batteries are of low quality.

Let’s have a look at the various parts of a mechanical cigarette for a minute, understanding you always get what you pay for.  The same as anything in life.

Basic E-cigarette

Generally they come in two or three-piece options.  In the two-piece version, you will find a battery along with a cartomizer.

With the three-piece version you will discover an atomizer, cartridge and a battery.  Now because they both have unique lithium-based rechargeable batteries of about three point seven volts, you will require a special charger.

A bonus here is that all parts are interchangeable within the same model.  This includes any spare parts and the same model from another manufacturer as long as the model number is the same.

So this means you can match any one part to another within the same model range to create your own ‘full unit.’

Every part is also throw-away.  Meaning you won’t have one complete unit that will stand the test of time, like you might a favorite razor or curling iron.

Each of the separate parts is said to last at least one month, although you can expect them to last a lot longer.

Here are a few examples just to give you a better idea:

  • The batteries are expected to last up to 200 charges, but could be a little more or less.
  • When it comes to atomizer, they usually have a 30 day warranty.  However, if they conk before the 30 days you should get a replacement.  On a side note make sure you have spare atomizers because they have been known to quit after just a few day.
  • With the cartridges, they basically last forever because they are only a simple plastic dispenser for liquid.  That said, it’s the fill material that will need to be replaced on a routine basis.
  • With regards to the charging unit for the battery, it should do well but will eventually need replacing.
  • When using a two piece model, empty cartomizers can be tossed out.  Although you can refill it with some DIY.  Normally they can be filled back up about five times before they can’t be used anymore.

So What about The Minimum Number of Spares?

With an electronic cigarette ‘complete unit’ you’ll have a battery, atomizer and either a battery and cartomizer or just a cartridge.  Just add a little bit of refill liquid and a good charger and you’re good to go.

For light use, that bare minimum you’ll need is:

  • For a two-piece unit: two good batteries, five cartomizers, if you want a bottle of liquid refill and of course a reliable charger.
  • For a three-piece unit: two reliable batteries, two atomizers, five cartridges, one bottle of liquid refill and of course a charger.

As always, it’s important to keep extra parts because you really don’t know when a any single component might cop out on you.

Speaking of which…

Battery Types

When it comes to batteries in an e-cig, there’s quite a variety.  Batteries can just be automatic or actually have a manual switch for controlling the power.

What happens with the type with an auto version is there is a pressure tab inside that works when air is allotted through it.  A few of the older versions had a microphone operated switch that was used to trigger because of the actual noise make from the air traveling though.

In general, most seem to opt for the auto version because it’s most similar to the original tobacco-based cigarette, which this device is trying to replicate.  Some more experienced fans seem to like the manual version because they give you a little more control.

If you are unsure, your best bet is get one of each and because they are interchangeable, you can test them both out and see which one works for you!

Make note the auto batteries aren’t sealed because they require air to go through and this means they are more likely to sustain damage from any liquid leakage which does occur from time to time.  The manual version is a lot more durable because all the electrical components are protected and sealed in.

Regardless, understanding all the components of an electronic cigarette is necessary in recognizing the importance of the battery and charger you choose.  Good luck!

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