The Importance of Having the Best E-Cig Atomizer

With all the factors to consider when buying an electronic cigarette, how important is one little thing like the atomizer?  You know that the atomizer helps deliver the nicotine vapor, but they’re probably all pretty much the same, right?

Actually, the quality and consistency of atomizers varies widely depending on manufacturer.  The best e-cig atomizer will deliver a consistent “smoking” experience regardless of the amount of liquid left or the frequency of use.  Frankly, the smoking imitation is quite lacking without a consistent, high quality atomizer in your e-cig.

The best way to make sure your atomizer is performing at its highest level is to change it out regularly.  But, since you probably don’t have a degree in e-cig engineering, wouldn’t it be nice if someone did it for you?  At, we review the top vapor cigarette brands so you’ll know exactly what to expect from each.  You’ll know if you get a brand new atomizer with every cartridge that’s ready to start delivering a consistent, high quality smoking experience.

Ready to read our honest reviews of the best e-cig brands on the market today?  Click here to get started.

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