The Latest News in E-cigs

The world of news for electronic smokeless devices is always changing. Whether it’s new changes to devices or new regulations for the devices you never know. One thing you can be guaranteed is that there will always be something new to find out about. Here are a few of the latest bits of news for the e-cig industry:

Possible good news from medical experts

A recent issue of “Nicotine & Tobacco” includes an article quoting medical experts Brent Caldwell, Julian Crane and Dr. Walt Sumner. In this piece the trio of experts release the findings of their studies about these smokeless devices. For one thing, they seem to think that the popularity of these new devices could lead to a major advancement in the attempt at smoking cessation.

This same piece also states that there is hope this could lead to the prevention of smoking related mortality rates. The bottom line is that this is yet another piece of good news for the electronic mechanism community. Another point made is that many traditional nicotine replacement methods do not have a high rate of success.

That would include things such as the patch, gum and lozenges. In fact the rate of success with use of these methods is actually around 10% or less. The study seems to indicate that about 50% of test subjects cut down on their nicotine intake a great deal or even quit completely. What the hope from this would be is that more medical professionals will begin to get on board. Even increasing the number of studies being done would help to get more information about these devices and their impact on the body.

Arizona says “just say no!”

There’s a new law in Arizona that makes it illegal for residents to make online purchases of tobacco products. In fact, the law was designed to make residents make their tobacco related purchases “face to face.” So is this bad news for electronic devices?

The bad news is the ban. The good news is that this will not include e-cigs. Although the originally proposed bill did include these mechanisms, the final outcome left this out of the equation. So for now Arizona residents can still purchase their kits, refills and other related products online.

Ironically this is a state where residents can still buy a gun online, skip the background check and the seller doesn’t have to keep a record of the sale. So it seemed backwards to make online purchasing of these devices illegal while online firearms sales were still legal. So for now hopefully the focus will stay off of electronic cigs and maybe the state will review its own online firearms sales before worrying about these devices.

What’s the problem with the Kentucky Center for Smoke-Free Policy?

Sharing new data with the public is important in order to keep them informed. Of course that’s only true if the news being reported is accurate. In recent months, a spokesperson for the Kentucky Center for Smoke-Free Policy had a great deal to say about the supposed “dangers” of using electronic smokeless devices.

This same person also made claims that there is no evidence that could state that these mechanisms are useful at all as an aid to helping to reduce or quit smoking. Her advice was that anyone looking for a method to use to try to quit smoking should continue to use what has already been available, such as gum, the patch and lozenges.

The hardest hit from this spokeslady was that the electronic devices not only contain the same carcinogens as tobacco cigarette smoke but that this is just as harmful to the body as traditional tobacco cigarettes. The biggest question surrounding this attack is whether this woman lacks the data required or just has it out for the electronic cigarette community.

Any novice non-expert can easily do their own research online to find out there is simply no way to back those claims 100%. The bottom line is that it feels like a blatant attack that could mislead many users or potential users without even being accurate. There is also speculation on whether this “expert” is tied to big pharmacy, which, obviously, would be deeply financially impacted negatively if more people turn to electronic smokeless devices in an attempt to try to give up the smoking habit.

There’s plenty more to read up on and more happening all the time with this industry. It is important to keep yourself informed, but keep in mind that not everything you read is true or that it may at least be slanted. Before believing a story 100%, do your homework.

It would be great to be able to say there are no deceptive stories online, but we all know that’s not true. With the advanced world of news at your fingertips in an instant through the internet also came the ability to put anything up as “news” — true or not.

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