Things the Average “Vaper” May Not Know about E-cigs

Electronic cigarettes may not be brand new but the recent surge in sales shows the popularity is well on a major upswing. This new trend in users is not that big a surprise. While there is already plenty of information online about these devices not everyone is as informed about it as they could be.

In order to be an informed consumer and e-cig user, it is a good idea to read up about these products and their related accessories. You can also get a crash course on some of the more surprising facts about them by reading over this list. While some is good and some is bad, the idea is that all of it could be important to know, especially in your decision making process.

  • They are more “green” than standard tobacco cigarettes – As the world becomes more environmentally aware, it is important to make efforts to be more “green” or responsible about decisions we make as consumers. The old traditional tobacco cigarettes meant lots of waste in the form of filter tips or butts. These non-biodegradable filters not only add up in landfills, they tend to end up littering places they shouldn’t be. Users can feel more environmentally responsible using the reusable smokeless device.
  • It can be a money saver compared to the alternative – Although the initial starter kit can be a bit costly, it usually equals about the same expense as one or two cartons of major name brand tobacco cigarettes. The cost for e-juice or cartridge refills is considerably less than continuing to pay five to ten dollars for each pack of 20 cigarettes. Not only that but the cost of cigarettes only continues to rise what seems like every day. The costs for devices, accessories and refills is much more level.
  • There is some concern surrounding the legalities of age restrictions – Because much of the ordering is done online, there is some concern surrounding the possibility of underage kids ordering a device, supplies or accessories. While a global effort is being made to make sure buyers are the right age before making a purchase, there are bound to be some who slip through the cracks.
  • Nicotine or not? Many people like that they do not have to have nicotine in their ejuice or cartridge refills. It gives users the option to cut it down to zero nicotine. The downside is that having e-juice that contains even small amounts of nicotine can be a hazard. It is extremely important to store this in a place out of reach of children or even pets. Even while refilling your cartridges make sure to keep it away from pets and children and to avoid contact with your skin as much as possible. Exposure to nicotine in this form can make people or animals sick and can even be fatal.
  • They are getting some Hollywood endorsements – Vaping has been made cool by Hollywood superstars such as Katherine Heigl who even tried to turn late night talk show host David Letterman on to the hobby while appearing on his show. Movies starring greats such as Johnny Depp have used these devices in place of traditional tobacco cigarettes, making it a point often for the character to mention his or her electronic smokeless device.
  • You have plenty of choices aside from just tobacco flavor – Sure plenty of users love their standard tobacco flavor for their smokeless device. The good news though is that you can also get wild and crazy and “vape” a wide variety of new flavor choices. Try Vanilla Cola, Espresso or Kiki-Watermelon plus hundreds of other options. Or if you like variations of standard tobacco, you can choose from menthol, Turkish blends or other similar choices. It’s a huge part of the reason that so many people are picking up this new hobby.
  • It can be a DIY hobby – It’s true that many people start this “hobby” for one reason and then actually get quite interested in different aspects of it. In fact many who start off buying their own supplies, such as cartridge refills, switch to filling their own. You can buy e-juice and fill your own cartridges, which is what leads to people starting to mix juice flavors to create their own unique tastes. Connect with social networks online and join in discussion forums. You can also watch the brands you like by “liking” their page on social network sites such as Facebook and get special coupons and deals.
  • It is important not to modify the device – As far as reported incidents and research go, there has only been one well-known documented case of a smokeless device exploding. Early speculations were that the device may have been modified before or after being purchased. Modification usually means actually altering the structure or components that make up the device, usually to get fuller vapor. Although there is no way to say there may not be later reports of defects that lead to devices having issues, at this time the outlook is good. The important thing to remember is not to plan to make any modifications to your e-cig.
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