Tips for Carrying an Electronic Cigarette


An important thing to keep in mind when carrying an electronic cigarette around with you is that it is a small piece of technology.  If you treat it right, it will be there for you, functioning properly when you need it.  After all, you wouldn’t carry a loose cigarette around in your purse or pocket and trust it not to break, would you?

E-Cig Carrying Case

One of the best tips for carrying an electronic cigarette is to simply put it in a strong, stylish container.  The vapor cig carrying case has been developed just for that purpose, giving you peace of mind and safety for your e-cigs, while not cramping your style or taking up a ton of space.

E-Cig Lanyard

Maybe you like having your e-cig out in the open for all to see and admire.  Or maybe you wear buck tight blue jeans and don’t have any room at all for a carrying case.  Either way, carrying an electronic cigarette with the e-cig lanyard may be the perfect choice for you.  A fully assembled e-cig never rode in such style as when it’s strung up on your lanyard.

The top vendors of electric cigarettes offer a wide range of accessories.  Read all about them by clicking here.

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