Tips for Proudly Using an Electric Cigarette


If there’s one thing you can count on from the vapor cig crowd it’s pride in their personal accomplishments.  Switching to e-cigarettes is a significant step and those of you who have made the jump should be proud of yourselves.  But how can you properly display that pride to the outside world?  We have a few ideas…

  • Smokeless Cigarette Lanyard – The trouble with showing of your e-cigarette is that no one sees it unless you’re using it.  Consider displaying your new found freedom to those around you with a smokeless cigarette lanyard.
  • E-Cig USB Passthrough – This is probably one of the niftiest accessories.  Whether your battery is drained or you just want to show off to your cubicle-mate, the USB passthrough lets you “smoke” your e-cig cartridge with your computer as the power source.
  • Telling Your Friends about E-Cigarettes – People will likely be most impressed by the money you’re saving by using an electric cigarette.  If you’re a regular on, we’ve even developed a handy calculator to show you how much you’re saving.

Need more factoids to impress people with?  Check out our smokeless cigarette FAQs page.


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