Tips on How to Enjoy Vapor Cigarettes

Oftentimes, change does not come naturally to smokers.  So switching to e-cigs may seem like no easy thing.  Sure, the unit looks pretty similar to the cigarette you’re used to, but it’s actually a piece of technology…that’s weird.  While we’re confident you’ll get used to ecigarette in practically no time, we’re hear to help you get over that hump and enjoy vapor cigarettes…

To be honest, you really already know to how to enjoy vapor cigarettes if you’ve been smoking the real thing.  At, we’ve taken care to professionally review the smoking experience you’ll get from all the big brands so that the transition is as smooth as possible.  So, step one is to simply read our reviews, pick out your favorite among the brands listed, and order your first e-cig starter kit.

To enjoy vapor cigarettes, you pretty much smoke them just like you’re used to.  Deep, even drags will produce consistent flavor and nicotine delivery with highly advanced e-cigs.  Given the simplicity of the unit, when either the flavor cartridge or battery runs low, they are easily swapped out for replacements.  Oh, and you get to skip all the stink and nasty compounds, too.

Ready to read our super picky reviews of the top names in the e-cig industry?  Get started by clicking here.

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