Tips on Saving Money with E-Cigs

People often wonder about a very specific comparison between e-cigs and the smokes they’re used to…price.  Sure, a starter kit more pricey than a pack of your favorite cigarettes, but what long-term savings can you expect from vapor cigarettes?  The amount you smoke obviously determines the total amount saved.  But, regardless of usage, you can definitely expect to be saving money with e-cigs.

The cost for cigarettes just seems to be climbing higher and higher everyday.  You probably told yourself a long time ago that if a pack ever got to $3 you’d quit.  Ok, maybe $4.  Well, $5 isn’t that bad.  If you’re sick of trying to convince yourself that you’re not spending an arm and a leg on your smokes, then consider a popular smoking alternative, smokeless cigarettes.  Saving money with e-cigs is very common, especially since they’re about 50-75% cheaper than traditional smokes.

If you smoke about one pack/day, then you can expect savings of $125/month or more.  Then again, that’s only $1500/year.  If you figure you’d love to save big money like this, then give our savings calculator a try by clicking here.  Making the switch is easy, especially once you realize you’ll be saving money with e-cigs…and lots of it.

Shocked by how much you can save and ready to make the leap?  Read our honest reviews of the best selling vapor cigarette brands (click here).

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