Top Techniques for Cleaning an Atomizer

In order to get the best flavor experience out of your e-cig you must clean it. Cleaning the mechanism is not hard to do, but is overlooked by many users. There are problems associated with not cleaning it out. It can get clogged and hard to vape. The liquid can settle inside the shaft becoming hard and almost toxic as it sits.

Don’t worry, there are many techniques for cleaning the atomizer. If you follow these steps each time you finish an e-cig, the device can last much longer than expected. If, on the other hand, you don’t take care of it, the activity will end up being very costly.

Flooded Chambers

Let’s say that your atomizer gets flooded. How are you going to relieve the flood? It’s easy – all you need to do is turn the device upside down to let the liquid drain out. After the liquid seeps out you’ll need to blow air through the atomizer. You’ll need to do this to get all the excess liquid from inside the chamber. Once the device is cleaned out, you’ll want to replace the dirty cartridge. By the time you do all these steps, you’ll practically have a brand new e-cig in your hands.

Battery Issues

If your atomizer is not working properly, it may be due to a poor battery connection. Yes, you’ll have to replace the batteries in it, but for the most part all they need is a simple cleaning. Every night, before you go to bed, take the device with the battery and lay it upside down. You may wonder why you do this. Because the liquid needs to drain from inside of it especially if you’re using different flavors. You wouldn’t want your chocolate flavoring to taste like menthol.

The connections to the battery and deice itself can be corroded as there is more wear and tear on the item. You’ll need to give a few quick blows where the two meet. This will get rid of any remnants that may have grouped up in that section.

Cloth Cleaning

You can use a cloth to clean your atomizer out. This is the easiest way of getting all the remaining liquid out of the mechanism. First take the device apart. Make sure there is no connection to your battery and the atomizer itself. Find a cloth small enough to fit through the chamber of the atomizer. Twist the cloth inside so that it comes out the other end. Keep repeating this action over and over until all the liquid is soaked up.

Once the liquid is gathered on the cloth, dispose of it. You do not want to use the same cloth every time you clean it because you’ll put liquid right back into the device.

Water Cleaning

You can clean your atomizer with warm water. All you need for this is warm running water filtering through the mechanism. Always make sure that you do not get water on the battery. If water gets into the battery, you will have to replace it as it will not work.

Once you have run some water through it, take a cloth and dry it out. You can place it upside down overnight. This is good because by leaving it sit out the device will eventually dry itself out.

Chemical Cleaning

There are many hazards associated with using chemicals to clean your atomizer. You can use them as long as you realize the dangers associated with it. Remember, you are going to be ingesting anything you used to clean the mechanism out with so tread lightly. It is good to clean this device out whenever you can in order to get the maximum potential out of it.

Mixing chemicals with the e-smoke liquid can be potentially harmful to your health or fatal. Always make sure you run water through it after using a chemical. You may want to steer away from this method if you are a first time user. Those who have done it before and know how to do it without any complications are seasoned users of the e-cig.

Charging the Battery

Once you have cleaned your atomizer, you’ll want to charge the battery. Once you have disconnected the battery, the life of it gets shorter from as you connect and disconnect it. Let the battery charge overnight for a fully charged one. You don’t want to be in the middle of vaping a good liquid and your battery quits on you. Also, if you charge your battery often it will eliminate the need to purchase another one; which can get costly.

These steps are for cleaning out your atomizer. You’ll need to remember to safely do this when the time is convenient for you. By unclogging the device, you’ll get the most out of your e-cig.

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