Top Things to Consider before You Buy a Starter Kit

As with just about anything in life, it pays to take a few minutes and figure out exactly what you want and do a little research to make sure it’s what you get.

The market is loaded with e-cigs manufacturers competing for your business, so there are a few things you should be aware of before making your electronic cigarette starter kit purchase. It is a few more things to consider than when buying your traditional tobacco cigarette, which is really just having a say on brand preference, nicotine level and price. E-cig starter kits have a tad more to think about.

Electronic cigarette kits are the medium for changing from tobacco cigarettes to the mechanical ones.

What’s in the Average E-cig Start-Up Kit?

  • one or two lithium batteries that can be recharged
  • numerous cartridges
  • charging kit

Make note, there are some of these kits that have others pieces that need to be assembled.  It’s simple though, just having to screw a couple pieces together.

Advantages of These Starter Kits

So why are people flocking from traditional tobacco smoking to these electronic versions?  Well, it’s mainly because people believe this new version is healthier than ‘old-fashioned’ smoking.

This makes sense given all the data collected, but please keep in mind the scientific evidence hasn’t completely convinced the ‘bosses’ yet!

Some people also decide to try these as a step towards kicking the habit completely.  Again, although there is strong evidence to support this belief, the ‘experts’ have yet to give them the seal of approval.

Of course, only you know what’s best for you! Aside from these pretty persuasive arguments, there are numerous other reasons why you should try one of these starter kits.

Save Money – After the initial cost of the starter kit, these e-cigarettes will only cost up to $2 per pack, whereas a tobacco cigarette pack will run you at least $5.  If you smoke a pack a day, this is going to save you a whopping $21!  Wow, that’s $84 a month and about a $1,000 a year!  Not something you can really ignore that’s for sure.

Safety First – With electronic cigarettes, there is no flame and this makes them a lot safer than the old-fashioned version.  If you tend to be a little careless with your tobacco cigarette and tend to burn things, this mechanical version may be your ticket.

Less Offensive – To non-smokers that is.  Many non-smokers can’t stand the smell of cigarettes and don’t want to be anywhere near anyone that is smoking one.  With an e-cig you will hardly be noticed because they don’t give off a nasty odor, nor do you stink like a cigarette!

Socially Acceptable – As humans we always want to be included, and with these mechanical smokes there is a lot less social stigma for you.

No Remnants – Traditional cigarettes linger when you are long gone.  Cigarette butts and ashes are pretty hard to cover up.  With this new version you’ll leave no traces behind because there are no ashes or butts. This also means you don’t need to find ashtrays everywhere you go.

Time to Start Looking for E-Cigarettes

As a smoker, you are probably thinking in the mindset of disposable.  Well it’s time for you to change your thinking because you are now looking for a device that will last longer term.  Quality right! Yes you can buy cheap e-cigarettes, but as with everything you get what you pay for. 

So how do you know the good from the bad?

  • Try to search out starter kits that have a cartridge that needs a new mouthpiece device and atomizing chamber for everyone.  The cheaper versions have you re-use these things. That’s just a breeding ground for germs and a reason for them to fail mechanically.
  • Most smokers are looking for a ‘real’ smoking experience.  If the device doesn’t have the believable features you want and it doesn’t even look like the real thing, then it probably isn’t going to perform that well. The really good ones are hard to tell apart from the traditional tobacco cigarette.
  • Vapor volume is key.  Having a higher vapor volume ensures the experience will feel more like a ‘real’ smoke, not just a thin vapor you are inhaling.
  • Of course, you’ll have to experiment a little with this one, but you’ll want to enjoy the taste.  Why?  Well that’s part of the whole smoking experience.  With these mechanical devices you can choose from an assortment of flavors and just as with the traditional smoke, you will find your preference.
  • Warranty is good.  Having a one year warranty on your electronic cigarette device is going not only give you a piece of mind but also shows you the manufacturer believes in their product.

Use a little common sense, do some research and keep these pointers in mind when setting out to get your first e-cig starter kit.  Good Luck!

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