Vapers Unite – How Social Networking Is Helping Prevent Bans & Create Friends

Technology is approaching very quickly into the 21st Century. Sure it has been around for decades, but it is reaching new heights currently. Technology is making many things more convenient such as communication. People no longer have to deal with sending and receiving email; they can now utilize social media networks.

E-cigs are the latest trend in the attempt to find an alternative form of cigarettes. Many people have jumped on the bandwagon and have started to use them more and more. They offer a smooth taste and could once be used almost anywhere that traditional cigarettes cannot. As this is the case, many states and institutions have banned e-cigs.

The ban has affected users greatly as they argue that vaping is not harmful to the public and does not offer many health hazards as cigarettes do. State officials are retorting in response to that that anything that has nicotine in it is bad for your health and merits the same rules as smoking.

Users are now teaming up on social media networks to help prevent these bans from occurring. In the effort to alleviate this headache, users are connecting with more people on a daily basis who are in support.  The more people who can see that vaping is harmless, the more the trend will eventually catch on.

The idea behind an e-cig is that the mechanism is battery operated. You basically can turn it on and off. A liquid, with small amounts of nicotine, is placed in the device. It heats up as the liquid is disbursed. Within minutes, the user is vaping. This is why supports of the e-cig are arguing that the activity is harmless and non threatening to the public.

The support social networks have seen on this subject are soaring through the roof. People from all around are connecting with one another in defense of the device. Networks such as Facebook, which is the most popular site for this type of activity, have built a small community of pro e-cig protestors. That’s why these sites continue to grow in such large numbers; they are able to have such an outreach and effect on so many people.

As vaping continues to grow in popularity so will these digital communities. If there are pro e-cig supports, then on the opposite side of the spectrum are non e-cig supporters. These would be officials of the states where it is banned. There are many people who will not support such an activity because a lot of them feel that it is the same as smoking a cigarette.

Many states have already or are beginning to ban e-cigs. Part of the ban stems from environmental acts. They are saying that the activity is toxic and against the Clean Air Act. Here are some of the states that either have the ban implemented or trying to pass an act to get it: Pennsylvania, California, New Hampshire, New York, Arizona, Washington State and New Jersey.

Many of these states are having a hard time passing the act to ban them as there is no specific evidence that they are harmful to one’s health or disrupt the environment in any way. Supporters who campaign on social networks have somewhat grasped the reality that some states just don’t have the proof and support to ban them.

Social networks are popping up daily. They allow users to convey their emotions and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Building friendships on these sites are as easy as clicking on a link. You automatically make friends on networks that allow you to share things with others because a lot of people have similarities in common, even those who have never met one another. That’s the reasoning behind these networks. It’s a system of nothing more than networking.

Any subject can gain the awareness of the public if it is in high demand. E-cigs were introduced to the public a few years ago. As soon as the trend starts in one area, people begin talking about it. Pretty soon, the media has its hands on it and it has become a major success. So, pretty much anything that has so much support can gain success on some level. It just depends on what it is.

The more controversial the better. Think of it like this, what is more interesting a state banning the e-cig because they are not aware of what it really is or the new tax hike? Most people would find that the e-cig information would be more compelling.

Supporters are combining their love for e-cigs and social networks. They are doing this so the device does not get banned in their neck of the woods. Defenders also want to prevent it from occurring in states that are already trying to pass it. Technology has helped boost their campaign.


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