Ways in Which Electric Cigarettes Are Better Than Your Smokes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you know that electronic cigarettes are revolutionizing the smoking world.  Far too often, we just assume that everyone knows how awesome these little things are.  Today, we get back to the basics to talk about the ways in which electric cigarettes are better than the smokes you’re used to…

What Are You Smoking?

You might get this question from a lot of friends and family if you learn all about smokeless cigarettes and still decide to stick with your smokes.  That’s because what you’re currently smoking are tons of recognized carcinogens and other nasty chemicals and compounds.  Electric cigarettes contain none of these and are just as satisfying, if not more so.

What’s That Smell?

Not even smokers like the smell of smoke.  Imagine if you could have all the smoking satisfaction without any of the stink?  Sounds like a great deal, right?  This is one of the biggest ways in which electric cigarettes are better than the cigs we’re used to.  Those around you will also appreciate it, unless they actually like secondhand smoke.

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