What Are Ecigs?

If you are new to the market of e-cigs, there is a lot you may need to know about these revolutionary devices. The first thing to know is that e-cigs are electronic cigarettes and may also be referred to as e-cigarettes. For many people electronic cigarettes are an alternative to standard smoking. Whether or not it is as enjoyable as or can come close enough to regular cigarettes is really based on what each individual thinks.

what are ecigsOf course, the brand a person uses can also have a huge impact on this. The bottom line is that many people are trying it and even making the switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. To help decide if e-cigs may be right for you, it may be useful to get a general idea about what they are and what they have to offer.

Electronic Cigarettes – The Basics

Electronic cigarettes could almost be called vapor cigarettes. These devices are shaped like and often times meant to look like cigarettes. What powers an e-cigarette is a battery. The device actually works to slightly heat up a blend of ingredients to create a vapor. This vapor is inhaled and exhaled like standard cigarette smoke.

Usually the ingredients include a nicotine liquid, though there are alternatives that do not. What electronic cigarettes do is offer an alternative to tobacco and eliminate the inhalation of smoke. The basics for an average e-cigarette to create a vapor includes water, glycerin and propylene glycol and either nicotine or a nicotine free liquid. This may also include flavoring.

What Are E-cigs Like?

In most cases, the electronic cigarette you choose will look a great deal like the one you are accustomed to. For many who may be trying to switch to electronic cigarettes from regular tobacco cigarettes, having a closely simulated experience is important. You will often find even the travel pack for it looks like a standard cigarette pack. You can also find these in cigar and pipe form as well.

These tubes are reusable and you use a refillable cartridge for it to work. However, there are other options including a disposable kind. The design is meant to create a vapor when the user inhales; this creates what is similar to taking a drag off a cigarette for an inhalation of smoke. Some e-cigs are even designed with a tip that lights up intended to simulate the glowing ember on a real cigarette. Keep in mind these are all things to consider if you are planning to make your first electronic cigarette purchase.

Components of An E-Cig

One of the main elements of an e-cig is the battery. You will notice when you read different electronic cigarettes reviews there is a lot of mention about batteries. For example, some brands have more reliable batteries that hold a charge longer than others do. Or you may read that some brands lose vapor volume as the battery dies. For this reason, it is important to keep your batteries charged and keep a charger with you if possible.

Some starter kits for e-cigarettes also include a travel charger for your vehicle or you may be able to add one. Either way, the battery is important and may be a tiny circular version or a long cylinder kind like the size and shape of the cigarette. Another element of the electronic cigarette is the cartridge, which is also the mouthpiece. This is where the refillable element goes and is drenched in either a nicotine based or nicotine free solution.

The final main component you will hear about is the atomizer. This is actually what does the work as it heats up the liquid to create the vapor. You may be able to find some brands that offer a warranty on the atomizer, but generally this needs to be replaced at least every six months.

What is Inside the Cartridges?

For the flavor of the electronic cigarettes, the cartridges are responsible in most cases. Inside the cartridges is where the juice or liquid favoring goes. Depending on the brand, you may have a handful to dozens of choices for the flavors. For those who like standard cigarettes, you will probably prefer the classic tobacco taste.

Some brands also offer distinct tobacco blend flavors such as Turkish blends or your favorite menthol. For those looking for flavor not meant to taste like a standard tobacco cigarette, you can choose from a huge variety of flavors, depending on the brand. For instance, you may enjoy fruity selections such as cherry, strawberry or orange. Maybe you like a plain vanilla or chocolate. From coffee to energy drinks, there is almost anything you can imagine. Some brands even offer variety packs so you can try several kinds without committing to an entire box.

Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes

As people become more concerned about their health and smoking traditional cigarettes becomes more taboo, smokers have been looking for alternatives. The issue at hand is the smoke itself. So, for many using a smokeless option is different than inhaling tobacco based smoke. Of course, this also means being able to once again enjoy being in public and enjoying an e-cigarette.

While regular smoking was once seen as chic, posh or cool, the concerns about secondhand smoke and other related issues muddied up the image a lot. Electronic cigarettes have brought some of the cool back into it by using vapors not smoke. People also enjoy e-cigs because there is none of that unpleasant smell on your clothing, hair, skin or in the air. While those tried and true tobacco smokers may have a more difficult time adjusting to the vapor, many feel this is an enjoyable way to take in a flavorful puff without many of the unfavorable side effects.