What Are the Ingredients in an E-Cig?


Many are ready to make the jump to electronic cigarettes, but just need a little more information, particularly regarding the ingredients in an e-cig.  In order to truly appreciate the few ingredients found in an electronic cigarette, it’s certainly valuable to know what’s not in them…

Reasons to Quit Smoking

You probably have plenty of reasons to find something else besides smoking.  Well, add at least 40 more to that.  That’s the number of carcinogens, or cancer-causing chemicals and compounds, found in a typical cigarette.  We all knew smoking was bad, but knowing just how bad it is can be quite an eye-opener.  You can see the full list of cigarette additives by clicking here.

Ingredients in an E-Cig

Before listing the ingredients in an e-cig, it’s important to note that electronic cigarettes contain no known harmful chemicals or compounds.  That having been said, there are four ingredients in an e-cig you’ll want to be aware of.  Water, nicotine, propylene glycol (also found in health products like toothpaste), and flavor compounds.  Oh, that’s the whole list by the way.  No nasty tar or other carcinogens for you anymore.

Sound good to you?  Ready to review the top e-cigarette brands?  Click here to get started.

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